Fantastic Wiha Bit Set Sale!


A lot of people ask me what is the “best bit set” we carry. “Best” can mean many things to different people. However, the “best” assortment of popular bits with mass appeal to a multitude of people and professions at a fantastic price is the Wiha 79495 31 Piece Combo XLSelector Bit Set (Slotted/Phillips/Hex Inch/Hex Metric/Torx). This is a great bang for the buck. It has the right mix of security, traditional, and hex bits. The quick release adaptor and slick carrying case are nice little bonuses.

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Christmas Gift Tool Ideas

Seems like Christmas (or preparation for Christmas) gets earlier and earlier each year. My wife and I went to pick out Christmas trees at Lowe’s last night. I am very much a Scrooge, but she adores the Christmas season. She was asking me before Halloween if we could hang Christmas lights. At the time I resisted, saying; “We have to wait for after Thanksgiving”. My reasoning to her is that each season needs its proper time and respect. That was a lie, I was just trying to delay the inevitable. She wore me down over the last two weeks. Finally, after the Chiefs late win over the Panthers, I was feeling especially buoyant (and vulnerable). I gave in. We bought a tree. We did compromise on the size of tree though (moral victory). She was looking for a gigantic 12’ artificial tree. I was hoping for a small fern. Instead, we got a 3’ tall Norfolk Island Pine which is probably around 6 months old. I have read they can grow to over 200 ft tall…which could be a huge problem.  I will have to keep it pruned up to keep it inside.  The name implies it is a pine tree but it isn’t, it is a weird Araucariaceae from the sub-tropical island of Norfolk which is way the hell out near Australia.  I was disappointed to find that it is going to have to stay in the house in a large pot because it doesn’t like cold weather. Oh well…would have looked perfect in the backyard. Minor drawback.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it alive for several Christmas seasons.   It should be almost perfect: it isn’t going to be too big, isn’t going to shed needles, and I can care for it after the season. I have a green thumb in addition to being a German Hand Tool aficionado. Cross your fingers that I made a good move…


We at KC Tool decided to get in on the early Christmas action too. We have a new section on our website designated “Gift Ideas”. These are some of our favorites and some of our best sellers. Many of these are already on sale, limited supply offers (Wera Advent Calendar and the Kraftform Kompakt Christmas), or hard to get items. If there are other items, you think would make great gift ideas give us a heads up below in the comments section. Take a look and remember to wish list your items for your loved ones to purchase for you early to beat the Christmas rush.

The Fall Classic Sale

Whether you are an engineer working on a self-driving car prototype, a blue collar professional, or a DIY’er; we are here with the right German engineered hand tools for the job.

Save now with manufacturer’s discounts plus our 10% off coupon code* (NEWKCT) to celebrate our new website. Enjoy manufacturer discounts from great brands like Wiha, Wera, and Gedore through December 31, 2016.

Shop Wera:

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Wiha Autumn Promo: Tools that work for you!


Wiha Tools has recently released their Autumn 2016 promotion for North America. It is a combination of  Wiha’s most popular items and a selection of new items.  Over 300 items have had their prices slashed.  Buy Today!

Headlining the Wiha promo are the Cushion Grip Ultra Drivers.  These are their own “grab & go tool box”.  These drivers boast 26 tips on 13 bits, providing the right bit for the job.  The cushion grip and ergonomic handle make for  comfortable use.  The spring-loaded pop up cartridge helps with fast bit selection. This is a really slick feature that Wiha has incorporated in the handle.  A must have for the tool belt or other mobile uses.   Throw one in your RV toolbox, motorcycle saddle bag, or simply in the junk drawer at home for a versatile tool to tackle many diverse jobs.  The driver is made in Germany. Your choice  of the Tradesman, Technician, or Industrial version.    These are a great buy at 47% off list price.

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Wiha Pistol Ratchet

Wiha pistol ratchet kc tool ergonomic tools

Shown: Wiha 39210 SoftFinish Pistol Ratchet

Wiha Tools recently introduced their Topra 2k series pistol ratchet in the North American market (Wiha 39210).  This ergonomically designed tool features 72 teeth for a 5 degree switching angle and can even store up to six 1/4″ hex bits in the handle (bits not included) and is Made in Germany.  There are also additional models available as ratcheting pistol torque screwdrivers including one that is VDE rated for working on or near live electrical applications.

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Glock front sight tool – The best and cheapest?

A Glock front sight tool is a 3/16″ nut driver with a very thin wall thickness used to remove the bolt that holds the front sight to the slide. Most nut drivers won’t fit because there is very little space between the bolt and front wall of the slide. You can pay $15-$20 or more for a tool marketed specifically as a Glock front sight tool, but Wiha has a much more economical and presumably higher quality option. We have noticed the dominant theme in our customer reviews for Wiha’s 3/16th nut driver(part number 26547) is how well it works as a Glock front sight tool.  Here are a few examples of the customer reviews we have received.

“Bought these for Glock front sight removal/install. I wil be using them in a high volume retail store. The quality looks first rate. With the reputation of the manufacturer, maybe I should have only purchased one. KC Tool could not have been any faster in completing my order.”

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Say Goodbye to Wiha Dynamic Grip Screwdrivers

Wiha dynamic grip

I’m truly bummed to hear that Wiha USA is no longer selling the Dynamic grip (aka Dynamic Handle) screwdrivers. As of this writing, they have only a few sets left and no individual drivers up for sale.  At KC Tool, we also have some sets and a some individual drivers left in stock but when they are gone that will be the end of them in the U.S.  This was the only full size screwdriver we offered that had a rotating cap and extremely tapered handle and there are certain tasks where these features really come in handy. It’s unlikely I will ever be able to wear mine out but you know how tools tend to grow legs.  I’ll have to really keep an eye on them.

I tried to plead with Wiha USA to keep them for sale in the States and even sited the multiple great reviews our customers have left on our website like this one from David P.

“This line of screwdrivers have a great handle that doesn’t collect dirt as bad as the rubberized kind, with a spinning top that fits your palm. It is my driver of choice for non-energized electrical work.”

I’m with David, these are killer for finish electrical.  They make quick work of installing or removing the long, fine pitch screws you find on switches, outlets and wall plates.

We will keep trying to convince Wiha USA to bring back the Dynamic grip screwdriver but you may want to grab a spare if we still have your favorite size in stock.

Glenn F. wins $50 to spend at KC Tool


Each month we give a $50 KC Tool gift certificate to one of our customers who left a product review in that month. The gift certificate is applied to the customer’s account so they can use it next time they make a purchase from KC Tool.

Strings? What strings? There are no strings attached. This is just a good old fashioned giveaway to thank those of you who leave reviews about the tools you buy from us. The more reviews you leave, the better your chances of winning.

Glenn F., from Newark, Delaware has luck on his side. He left three reviews in the month of January and his winning review was for the Wiha (Heyco) 35013 14 x 15mm Open End Wrench

wiha heyco 14 x 15mm open end wrench

Glenn had this to say about the Wiha (Heyco) wrench he received:

“Matches missing tools from auto tool pouch exactly.

Congratulations, Glenn! Thanks for leaving your reviews and your kind words about KC Tool.  KC Tool offers international shipping to over 12 countries.  If you do not see your country listed on our website, please contact (order minimums & restrictions may apply).

Wondering how we choose the winner? It’s nothing fancy. We export all of the reviews into an Excel spreadsheet and use to generate a random number. The corresponding numbered line on the spreadsheet is the winner.

Good luck next month!

The Best Precision Screwdriver Stand

If you are a technician using precision screwdrivers, prepare to have tool bench envy!  We recently received a picture from a customer (who prefers to remain anonymous) of their customized precision screwdriver set and I was so impressed I had to share. They started with our 50 hole precision screwdriver stand, added an additional 25 hole precision screwdriver stand, filled it with high quality Wiha Precision Screwdrivers and then customized the front edge with labels to make everything easy to find.  Take a look!


What a great picture! They even took the time to rotate all of the drivers to the same orientation. To me, this is a work of art and I really appreciate being able to share it. They were even kind enough to tell me exactly how they did the labeling which I will share at the bottom of this post.

If you are not familiar with our precision tool stand, let me tell you a little more about it. We like the Wiha Master Technician Sets that come with 50 drivers and a similar stand but what we found is the stand that comes in the Wiha sets doesn’t work well for the Wiha Pico Finish drivers or any of the other brands we carry. Also, Wiha would not sell us the stand individually so we set out to create our own.  We designed ours with tapered holes that hold the drivers more securely in an upright position. It works well with the standard Wiha precision screwdrivers you see above and also works great with the Wiha Pico Finish, Witte Wittron, and Gedore lines of German precision screwdrivers seen below.


The stands are made locally (Olathe, KS) and we just received a new batch of the 50 hole version.  We set out with the goal of wanting the stands to be simple, high quality and affordable. In an effort to keep costs down we used stock material and tumbled finish to save on machining time. The machine shop we have used said they will no longer make them at the current price, regardless of volume. We’re still negotiating to try and get them to run another batch of the 25 hole version at the agreed upon price but we don’t have a verdict on that yet. Please check our website or connect with us on social media to stay updated.

Precision Tool Stand, 25 hole
Precision Tool Stand, 50 hole

If you decide to buy one of our stands and would like to label the front check out the step-by-step instructions below submitted from the same customer who sent us that awesome photo.

Since the Wiha Precision drivers are not labeled (unlike the PicoFinish or the Wera), I had right away decided I needed to organize the tools in a way that would be easy to label and locate. That was one of the reason to get the KC Tool stand vs. the Wiha stand in the first place.

I liked the natural aluminum finish and wanted to keep the “OEM” look of the KC Tool logo, i.e. black ink straight on the aluminum, preferably on the front of the stand. For several months, I just used clear tape and hand-drawn graphics similar to those in the final version.

I recently had a need to get a labeler, so I went looking for one that could:
* Print imported graphics arranged on a very precise template (down to the mm) to align with the holes. That pretty much meant a PC-connected labeler with good software.
* Print on durable black-ink-on-clear tape to match the “OEM” look. This would be most easily done on labeler tape, with the major brands all carrying some version of adhesive black-ink-on-clear tape.
* Have a professional quality result.

After some looking, I went with a Brother solution (vs. Epson or Dymo). I found the Brother software to be superior, the PC-printed graphics to be best (180×360 dpi and better rendered), and Brother had a reasonably priced labeler that could be used both from a PC and standalone with a WYSIWYG screen.

I ended up getting the following:
* Brother PT-D600 “PC Connectible Label Maker with Color Display”
* Brother TZe131 “Black on Clear 12mm (1/2-Inch) Labeling Tape”.

It was going to be impossible to find tape whose width precisely matched the thickness of the front of the stand, and I wanted to make the graphics as big as possible. So, to get the cleanest look, I got the next larger width available (12mm), aligned the top of the tape with the top of the stand (just below the rounded edge) and folded the extra width underneath. This makes both tape edges invisible.

The graphics of the driver head types are taken straight from the KC Tool website and despite being web-resolution, still look good printed. The Brother P-Touch software is very easy to use to paste/resize graphics and align them precisely. The hole pitch seemed to be around 21.5mm and the software has a ruler to align all design elements which perfectly matches the printed output.

The only trial-an-error task was to find the biggest graphics and text sizes that would fit and look good. Overall, it was about 1/2hr of work to completion and very much worth it.”

Thank again to “L.M.” for sharing their great project.