A Few New Knipex Items …

New for 2016 – Knipex 91 13 250 Tile Breaking Pliers

Knipex recently introduced a number of new products in Europe that are beginning to make their way to the North American market.  One of the most interesting designs in my opinion is the new Knipex 91 13 250 Tile Breaking Pliers which is essentially a 10″ Pliers Wrench with a specialized soft plastic jaw (replaceable) to aide in breaking tiles and/or porcelain stoneware (after scoring with a tile cutter).

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Ancient German Tools Discovered

ancient tools german tools kc tool
New research suggests intricately carved ivory tools recovered from a cave in Germany were used to make rope 40,000 years ago. Photo by University of Tübingen

We often get phone calls or emails asking us to help identify old tools.  In fact, it’s not that uncommon to see tools stamped with “West Germany” or “W. Germany” as was commonplace prior to the reunification of Germany.  One tool we have not seen is anything made out of bone or animal remains.

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Wiha Pistol Ratchet

Wiha pistol ratchet kc tool ergonomic tools

Shown: Wiha 39210 SoftFinish Pistol Ratchet

Wiha Tools recently introduced their Topra 2k series pistol ratchet in the North American market (Wiha 39210).  This ergonomically designed tool features 72 teeth for a 5 degree switching angle and can even store up to six 1/4″ hex bits in the handle (bits not included) and is Made in Germany.  There are also additional models available as ratcheting pistol torque screwdrivers including one that is VDE rated for working on or near live electrical applications.

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