Thank You!

From all of us at KC Tool, we wanted to thank you for another wonderful year. 2016 was yet another record breaking year for us. We realize that all of our success comes from an amazing and loyal customer base. Whether you are a gigantic shipyard, or a silicon valley based tech outfit, a regular poster on a tool forum professional, or a part-time diy’er, you all mean a great deal to us. Thanks for your business in 2016!

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KC Tool Welcomes Ballistol to the Family


We are pleased to announce a new member to our family, Ballistol. It really seemed natural to partner our already great brands (Wiha, Wera, Knipex, Gedore, Felo etc…) with a great product to complement our great tools. We at KC Tool and our customers are passionate about tools. We want to empower our customers to be able to take good care of their own tools. That is where Ballistol (meaning ballistic oil) comes in. Many of our customers ask for tips to care for their tools. The best way to keep them in top working order is to clean after every use and lightly oil them to reduce the risk of rust. You can even feel free to use this on wood handles. It works great!

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2016 World Series… of Barbecue!

It seems only appropriate for the blog that follows “The Fall Classic Sale” to also be about the World Series, but not the Indians vs the Cubs (historic in its own right). This blog is a little different from those we have done in the past. We are talking about the 2016 American Royal World Series of Barbecue. We just couldn’t resist talking about something (else) we love besides some of the world’s finest German engineered tools. Here at KC Tool located in South Kansas City, we love all things German, all things tools, all things food (no veggies though), and all things to do with fast cars. We are combining all that this weekend at the American Royal WS of BBQ. This is the largest BBQ contest in the world. Can you believe they are holding the competition at the Kansas Speedway! How cool is that? A few of us are going down to have fun tonight with our purchasing manager who is actually entered in the barbecue competition with Ball Club BBQ. Good luck buddy!!!

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Are all of our tools made in Germany?

made in germany
KC Tool is America’s leading German Tool distributor. We specialize in German Tools and besides a couple products we produce ourselves, we only sell German brands of tools. The question of where the tools are made comes up occasionally and can be a source of great debate. In an ideal world, the German tool brands we sell would manufacture all of their tools in Germany but unfortunately this is not the case. Brands such as Gedore and Knipex manufacture nearly all of their tools in Germany whereas others like Wera are almost exclusively produced outside of Germany.  Wiha has factories in Germany and many other countries. So the big question is:


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Tool Magazines & Publications

There are many different ways to get your news — iPad, Kindle, iPhone, Desktop, Laptop, etc. How about print media? Although perhaps becoming increasingly more archaic, I still prefer newspapers and magazines over televisions and the Interweb. It’s neat to see the success of niche magazines continue in this day and age — whether it’s automobiles, firearms, gardening, or French cooking there’s a magazine for it. But how about tools? There are home improvement magazines and woodworking periodicals that feature tool reviews but I have yet to find a magazine purely devoted to tools at a newsstand. Below is a list of tool and tool-related periodicals, some of which may be available in print.

What tool or tool-related magazines do you subscribe to? Comment below.