Wera Advent Calendars Are Here!

It’s back! Wera Advent Calendars are now available from KC Tool. We started selling the calendars last year and we sold out quicker than we ever thought we would. So, this year we are almost doubling our stock.

I didn’t know what to think about the concept when they first told me about them last year. I mean, really? An Advent Calendar full of tools? Seems odd, but let me tell you, these are not to be brushed aside. The number of tools you get in this package for the money is crazy. The set I got out of the 2016 Calendar are still my go-to tools, and they are limited edition!

Advent Three
The Limited Edition 2017 Wera Advent Calendar Tool Set

So, what do you get this year? Plenty. First, you get a bit holding screwdriver with 12 different bits. Then you get a microbit version with 8 different bits. You want more? How about 8 metric sockets with the “Take It Easy” tool finder color coding, plus two adapters for you to use the sockets with the bit holder. AND on top of all that, you get a textile case to carry all the tools and a hook-and-loop fastener to attach it to other elements of the Wera 2go system.

We are one of a select few in the states to sell these and no one has as many as we do. That said, when they are gone, they are gone. We won’t be able to reorder them so get yours quick before they sell out!


KC Tool is Moving

Don’t mind the dust! It’s official. We have so many quality German tools that we have outgrown our facility and are moving into a new space. We are not moving far, but we are getting far bigger with room to grow. Your favorite tool company is only going to get better. Our new building is custom tailored to our needs, so rest assured great things are to come, with the same high-quality customer service you have grown accustomed to.

What does this mean for you? First and foremost, you should know that we are making every effort to move efficiently, so that our operations will not be halted or interrupted. The website will not be down during the move, so you can still order tools at anytime. Our phones may be off for a bit and we may be a touch slower than usual in replying to emails, but we should be up and running at normal speed very soon after the move.

What you can look forward to is new tools, new brands coming on and bigger and better content across all the social media platforms.

Now down to business. Our new address is:

KC Tool
1280 N. Winchester Street 
Olathe, KS 66061

This is the location that all your packages will be sent from with the same love and care you expect from us. So update your address books and get ready for big things to come!


How To Remove Anti-Theft Ratchet and Socket Tags

If you have ever bought a high-end ratchet or socket, such as a Wera Zyklop, you may have gotten the tool and sat perplexed for hours staring at it, wondering how to get the dang thing out of the package. I hear ya loud and clear. It is easy to overlook the tiny picture of a pair of snips on the packaging, but that is the only way you are going to get these puppies out of their cage and into the toolbox. There are notches on both socket and ratchet packages that are meant to be cut off to release the tool.Read More »

Introducing Staff Pick Screwdriver Sets!

We at KC Tool spend all day with the great German tools you have come to know and love. We also have very different opinions and aren’t afraid to voice them. Our weekly meetings always go way over the time allotted. For a while, I personally was the butt of the joke because I called a special meeting about a specific YouTube video we were working on and the meeting took two hours because we all had different views on it. For as long as that freakin’ meeting was, it was great that we work in an environment that welcomes opposing viewpoints and allows us to share them without prosecution.

Now those opinions are on full display. Read More »

We Are Self Conscious About Our Great Reviews

At KC Tool, we are proud of all the great reviews we get. That said, our products very rarely get a bad review. When we browse our own website and see that nearly all our tools have five-star reviews, we feel self-conscious that it appears fake. How could we have all stellar reviews? I don’t recall any other websites where all their products have four and five star reviews. With all the five-star reviews on our website, one might get suspicious and think that we are doctoring the numbers, so-to-speak. We aren’t, we promise.Read More »

Torx Screws, Torx Tools Available at KC Tool

A Brief Guide to Torx and Its (Many) Variations

­­We have discussed previously on this blog about the highly specific “Pentalobe” screw head and the tools used in conjunction. The Pentalobe shape is a relatively new invention compared to one its cousins, the Hexalobular screw, which many people call a star or Torx. Torx is actually a trademark of Camcar Textron, so the use of its name is another example of genericized trademark, like we use the term Allen Wrench for Hex Keys.Read More »

Hold On To Your Bolts! (and screws and nuts and….)

Some tools are truly utilitarian like hammers, screwdrivers, and ratchets. Some tools are uber-specific. There are tools for protection, for grabbing, for seeing, for oiling, and for just looking cool. Then there are those certain tools that make your life just a bit easier and specifically in this case, tools that HOLD things. Now I don’t mean clamps, vices, and the like, I mean holding the small things that can get lost in the machine or the carpet. Some of our loved German tool brands make grippers, magnets, and adapters to secure fasteners to our tools as we are working. Let’s look at some.Read More »