Knipex Forged Wire Strippers On Sale For August

Knipex MultiGrip Forged Wire Strippers are on sale for the entire month of August! The price is so good, we can’t even advertise it. Just add them into your cart and see what your final price is (no joke, it’s over half off retail!). It is while supplies last, so get this deal before it is gone! Tell your friends! Now is the time to buy this amazing tool!

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Holy Halder Mallet Sale Batman!

Feel the HEAT with Halder! Your favorite mallet company from Bronnen, Germany has released some HOT new boxed sets that are sure to RAISE THE TEMPERATURE of your tool box.

To add even more FIRE, a couple of them come BAKED in with some BLISTERING bonuses that have never been offered before! Plus your friends at KC Tool have chosen some COOL additions to the STEAMY platter of MELTY markdowns. From Hi-Viz that brings the HEAT, to a BLAZING Blackcraft dead blow, there is surely something to add some SPICY FLAVOR to your TOASTY tool collection.

I could probably keep going with my WARM WISECRACKS, but I will THAW my PERSPIRING PERSISTENCE and put a stop to my SEARING SHENANIGANS. Check out our (TOASTY) selection of (SIZZLING) Halder deals, now through September!

Happy Independence Day! It’s our yearly 4th of July giveaway!

It’s our yearly 4th of July giveaway! Every purchase made today (4th of July, 2022) at gets you a FREE bottle opener. This year’s offering is the unique Maxxpro Nature bottle opener from Witte! The key component to this bottle opener is the use of cork, an organically sustainable resource that not only is good for the planet but also easy on the hands.

When you make a purchase the bottle opener will automatically be added to your cart. Enjoy a free bonus courtesy of your good friends at KC Tool and Witte. Have a great holiday and stay safe!

(p.s. stay tuned for more news from KCT and Witte in the months to come!)

The KNIPEX Pliers Wrench XS is Officially Here!

It’s probably been on your radar for some time and now the anticipation is over. The Knipex Pliers Wrench XS has officially arrived for sale in the American market. Listen, if you follow KC Tool, I am almost certain I don’t need to introduce the original pliers wrench to you. This new XS version is just under 4 inches, making it quite possibly the most versatile tool you can put in your pocket. Do I really need to say anything else? Go get one right now! Follow the link in our bio!

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KC Tool Volunteers At Habitat For Humanity of Kansas City

On Friday June 3rd, members of the KC Tool team stepped out of the office to volunteer for Habitat For Humanity of Kansas City. If you are a regular reader, you know that this is not our first time on a Habitat For Humanity job site. The first experience last fall was so rewarding (and fun!) that we decided to do it again. We were just blocks from our previous site, so many of us were able to drive by the completed home we worked on last year on the way our newest project. 

Last year, we worked on one of the hottest days of the summer. This was a much different story. It was just about perfect with almost no clouds and 78 degrees. Though we were all on the same block, there was a lot to get done, so we split up into various tasks around the site. Some painted, some installed soffit, while others grabbed a caulking gun or a broom. We did our best to make the most of our day and we got a lot accomplished.

Bonus! Our job site was near the legendary Arthur Bryant’s BBQ, one of the pillars of Kansas City’s meaty calling card. We couldn’t help ourselves and as usual, it was delicious. If you are ever in KC, it is a must stop, though we have more than a few options for great BBQ. Give us a call and we will gladly give you our opinions on who has the best. 

We at KC Tool encourage you to volunteer. There is a need for people everywhere. It doesn’t take much to be a significant part of your local community and lift someone’s spirits. From the poorest neighborhoods to the most affluent communities, positive action and real change are always possible.

Please enjoy some photos from our day out at Habitat For Humanity of Kansas City and Arthur Bryants.

Celebrate Father’s Day With A Ratchdrive® From Witte!

It’s that time of year again! Father’s Day is June 19th! You may have seen our Seasonal Sale on “Every Day Carry” tools. You guys have liked it so much, we thought we would double down on that theme and offer you not only a great pocket sized too, but a fantastic gift idea for dad.

The Witte Ratchdrive® is a compact yet powerful set featuring a bit holder and 6 bits. The casing has an integrated ratcheting mechanism, so everything you need is built in to just a 3.5″x1″x1″ box. It is truly an incredible little tool.

KC Tool just-so-happens to have a limited supply of the Phillips/Square/Slotted variation to offer for just 15 bucks! When we run out of this stock, it will go back to it’s normal price of around $35, so that is over 65% off for a limited time! Now through Father’s Day! While supplies last! Click the button before it’s too late!

If You’re Reading This, It May Be Too Late!

When you keep growing and adding German tools like we do, you gotta make room in the warehouse. That’s why we have a clearance section! And right now all clearance items are a whopping 40% off! These items are limited in quantity though, so when they are gone, THEY ARE GONE. Like, gone gone. Never to return. Cease to be! Rest in peace! Ex-tools! So why are you still reading? Shop now before they are… Well, you know.

Three Months Of EDC Savings!

At KC Tool we have tools of all shapes and sizes. Some are huge! Like this TEN FOOT torque wrench! But for the next three months, our Seasonal Sale focuses on tools that fit in your pocket or on your belt. Some people call these types of tools “Every Day Carry”, or EDC for short.

Seven tools that are so light you barely know they are there. A tape measure, knife, and flashlight. A bit ratchet, mini level, and gripping pliers. Not to mention the iconic Knipex Cobras in their latest miniature variation.

But wait! There’s more! For the entirety of the sale, when you buy any of these seven tools, you also get a FREE pocket-sized can of Ballistol! It’s the ultimate tool oil, but (just like the other tools in this sale) its uses are endless!

So fill your pockets, get out there, see the world… And shop KC Tool right now!

How We Are Working To Improve

German Tool Fans,

We at KC Tool have always strived to make German Tools easy to get. But over the last 24 months the international supply chain has been stressed and bottlenecked like the world has never seen.

We know that this has made it more difficult for us to provide German Tools in the way you grew accustomed to. However, we have made several improvements and adjustments to our systems to make your experience better than it’s ever been, and I would like to share some of those changes with you.

  • Deeper inventory. While we have long offered a great breadth of selection, we have recently made a considerable investment in greater-than-ever depth of stock. We want core items to be in stock all the time, even if the “faucet” from Germany turns off for a spell.
  • Live inventory. Our website now shows the actual live quantity we have available for each item on the product page and the cart page. When ordering quantity, there will be no more uncertainty over whether we have enough to fulfill your order.
  • Estimated lead times. While we continue to email you individually with estimated ship dates based on your backordered items, that information now also shows on your account page, for most orders, when logged into our website.
  • Email when in stock. For a few select items, we choose to not allow backordering, but we understand that there is still interest in purchasing them in the future, so we integrated a system to email you as soon as we receive inventory. Simply sign up on the product page. For instance, check out the page for the upcoming Wera 2022 Advent Calendar.

As we continue to grow, we will continue to improve. Thank you for your patience and your support.

Mit Fruendlichen Grüßen / Kind Regards,
Derek Tran
Owner and General Manager