Glock front sight tool – The best and cheapest?

A Glock front sight tool is a 3/16″ nut driver with a very thin wall thickness used to remove the bolt that holds the front sight to the slide. Most nut drivers won’t fit because there is very little space between the bolt and front wall of the slide. You can pay $15-$20 or more for a tool marketed specifically as a Glock front sight tool, but Wiha has a much more economical and presumably higher quality option. We have noticed the dominant theme in our customer reviews for Wiha’s 3/16th nut driver(part number 26547) is how well it works as a Glock front sight tool.  Here are a few examples of the customer reviews we have received.

“Bought these for Glock front sight removal/install. I wil be using them in a high volume retail store. The quality looks first rate. With the reputation of the manufacturer, maybe I should have only purchased one. KC Tool could not have been any faster in completing my order.”

“I bought this tool for my Glock night sight mounting bolt and it worked great. If you will ever be installing night sights on a Glock you will need this German made tool. It is a quality made tool and should last for many years. Thanks KC Tools for a quality tool at a fair price!”

“Much better tool for Glock front sight removal and installation than tools made specifically for the task, and for a fraction of the cost.”

“This nut driver is well made and fits the front sight screw on my Glock pistols perfectly. Buying this tool instead of the Glock tool saved me $20. The tool showed up at my house 3 days after I ordered it. Great tool and great service. Can’t ask for any better than that. Thank you.”

They say you can’t be the best and the cheapest but it looks like, in this case, Wiha may have done it. Their precision 3/16th nut driver is the obvious choice at just $5.17 with German quality and a lifetime warranty. Get yours here.

Glock front sight tool

Glock front sight tool

best Glock front sight tool

Photos courtesy of Hoffman Photography


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