What is so special about Gedore Striking Tools?


Gedore Striking Tools

  • The striking thing about Gedore striking tools is the 45CrMoV7 material used – one which has a 30% higher strength (under the same hardness) that the usual DIN 59CrV4 material. This distinguishes Gedore striking tools from the products of its competitors. This is very true indeed for nail lifters.
  • The material (45CrMoV7) used by Gedore is a pure air-hardening steel which hardens at a temperature of about 850˚C (1562˚F) in still air. This material features both a high level of stability and enormous toughness.  Tools cannot break even under the hardest of working conditions.
  • Gedore pin punches always have a minus tolerance. This rules out any jamming in the drill hole.
  • All tools are fully hardened over their entire length.
  • Gedore hammer heads are electro-inductively and hence homogeneously tempered. In this way, maximum stability is achieved and splintering avoided.
  • The head-shape of Gedore striking tools is optimally adapted to the radius of the hammer face.

*Courtesy of GEDORE Werkzeugfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

gedore gustav best hammer kc tool
Gedore GuStaV Hammer – The World’s Safest Hammer

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