The New Wera Zyklop Hybrid & Update on New Wera Tools

Zyklop Hybrid Wera Ratchet 1/2"
Picture courtesy of QFaktor Spring 2016 Newsletter PDF (link below)

Wera introduced a lot of new tools and new features for existing tools at the International Hardware Show earlier this month in Cologne, Germany.  If you are a Wera fan (#toolrebels) then you will be glad to know after 5 years of waiting for an updated catalog, Wera has finally released a new catalog containing all of the new products they released over the last few years (Joker Wrenches, Color coded L-Key sets, etc.) as well as items introduced earlier this month such as the Zyklop Hybrid 1/2″ drive ratchet (pictured above).

The Wera voltage detector and Wera sets containing the Wera voltage detector are being discontinued for the North American market due to regulatory changes related to voltage testers.  There are lots of new sets that we will be adding in the next few days that Wera has listed as equivalent replacements (sans the voltage detector).

One of the biggest features Wera introduced is the color coded system that will be used on their sockets, bits, and wrenches for easy identification.  We are working with Wera on a timeframe as to when these items will be available in North America.  If you are seeking the old style tools (non color coded) now is the time to buy!  If you’re seeking the new style, shoot us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide an update on the status of the specific new tools you are seeking.

In the meantime, check out the Spring 2016 QFaktor Newsletter.  QFaktor handles the marketing in Europe for many German tool brands such as Wera, Knipex, Parat, Stabila, and Bessey.  Check out the sudoku puzzle on the last page of the Spring 2016 newsletter for chance to enter to win an awesome tool prize package!

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