Are all of our tools made in Germany?

made in germany
KC Tool is America’s leading German Tool distributor. We specialize in German Tools and besides a couple products we produce ourselves, we only sell German brands of tools. The question of where the tools are made comes up occasionally and can be a source of great debate. In an ideal world, the German tool brands we sell would manufacture all of their tools in Germany but unfortunately this is not the case. Brands such as Gedore and Knipex manufacture nearly all of their tools in Germany whereas others like Wera are almost exclusively produced outside of Germany.  Wiha has factories in Germany and many other countries. So the big question is:


We know it matters to some of you and we understand why it does so we make sure to list the country of origin on each tool we sell. Just click on the Country of Origin tab on the product page to see where that tool is manufactured or in some cases where each part of a set is manufactured.

When a tool is made in Germany it gives you that sense of confidence to know you’re buying an extremely high quality tool. Our main goal at KC Tool is for our customers to have that same feeling when shopping with us. We strive to make sure every tool we sell is extremely high quality and our hope is to gain your trust that even if the tool is manufactured outside of Germany, you are still getting the same innovative design and quality tool steel you expect from a German tool.

Again, if you are committed to MADE IN GERMANY, we get it, and we have a huge selection of tools made in Germany but we may still try to encourage you from time to time to try some amazing tools designed in Germany but produced elsewhere like the Wiha BiCut high leverage cutters (forged in Vietnam) or the Wera Joker Ratcheting Wrenches (Czech Republic).

Of course we would like you to buy all of our tools so we want you to know, even our tools that are not made in Germany are extremely high quality. We started allowing customers to review our tools at a couple years ago and after analyzing the data we found there is no distinguishable trend between our tools made in Germany and the German designed tools made elsewhere.

We are proud of the tools we sell and that they almost always get amazing reviews. It has also helped us weed out a few tools that don’t meet our quality requirements. If a tool gets a couple negative reviews we simply stop selling it. We used to sell a lot of these Wiha powered screwdrivers but removed them from our website once we realized the driver was made in China. Again, our goal is to offer a store where you can shop with the utmost confidence and know you’ll be receiving the highest quality tools with no disappointments.

Made in Germany, or designed there and produced elsewhere, we know you will be thrilled with the quality of all the tools we sell.

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