EDC, Pocket Dumps and The Knipex Mini Cobras.

As social media continues to grow and grow, so has the world of hashtags. If you have been living in a barn for the past 3 or 4 years, a hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a pound symbol. The hashtag is (and always should be) relatable to the content of the post, so, for instance, if a movie theater posts about a new movie playing they may add #nowplaying or #newmovie to their post. At KC Tool we love our #kctool and #kctoolcrew hashtags as well as our brand’s tags like #wiha and #weratools.Read More »

Are all of our tools made in Germany?

made in germany
KC Tool is America’s leading German Tool distributor. We specialize in German Tools and besides a couple products we produce ourselves, we only sell German brands of tools. The question of where the tools are made comes up occasionally and can be a source of great debate. In an ideal world, the German tool brands we sell would manufacture all of their tools in Germany but unfortunately this is not the case. Brands such as Gedore and Knipex manufacture nearly all of their tools in Germany whereas others like Wera are almost exclusively produced outside of Germany.  Wiha has factories in Germany and many other countries. So the big question is:


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New Knipex Pliers

Widely regarded as one of the best brands of pliers in the world, Knipex continues to deliver new and upgraded German made tools annually.   This Fall is no exception with the addition of several new models that are now available in North America (or soon available).  Knipex expands their ever popular Cobra series with a locking version of their 10″ (250mm) Hose Clamp Pliers as pictured below (85-51-250-AF).

Knipex Tools Cobra Locking Clamp Cobra Pliers
Knipex 85-51-250-AF

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September Synopsis

knipex click clamp hose clamp clic clamp pliers new germany
#4: KNIPEX 85 51 250 C | 10″ Cobra Hose Clamp Pliers for Click Clamps | Now Available at KC Tool

Top 10 List – Summer Happenings 

10.  Painting

Double Click Grey.   That was the winner when deciding what color to repaint the front office space earlier this summer.  It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do to a room.  The paint segued into various other office improvements — perhaps the most important of which was a cork dartboard.

9. Bit Bins

bit bins

Only need to buy 1 screwdriver bit?  Need to mix n’ match sizes/styles?

Most screwdriver bits come from the manufacturer in a multipack — however, KC Tool recognizes that not every consumer needs a multipack.  KC Tool subdivides manufacturer packs into individual pieces.  (ex. 10 Bit Pack $9.20 = 10 Bits @ $0.92ea)Read More »