Dan G. wins $50 to spend on German Tools at KC Tool.


This month we had something very interesting happen with our contest. I’m compelled to talk about it because I’m worried it’s going reflect badly on our contest validity.  A few days ago I chose a product review to post on Facebook.  I did it for SEO value and to keep some activity on our Facebook page.  In the post, I wished the reviewer good luck in our contest and in my mind thought it would be crazy if he won.  Today I got an email from Aaron who runs our contest, telling me he ran the contest and applied the store credit. To my absolute dismay the winner was the same review I had just posted on Facebook.  I thought Aaron was playing a trick on me but he assured me the contest was run at random.org the same way we always do (see process below).  Out of hundreds of reviews, we randomly picked the same review I posted on Facebook as the winner of our contest.  I want to assure everyone that we run the contest with integrity and never influence the outcome to favor any customer or particular review.

Each month we give a $50 KC Tool gift certificate to one of our customers who left a product review in that month. The gift certificate is applied to the customer’s account so they can use it next time they make a purchase from KC Tool.

Strings? What strings? There are no strings attached. This is just a good old-fashioned giveaway to thank those of you who leave reviews about the products you buy from us. The more reviews you leave, the better your chances of winning.

Dan G. from Crescent City, CA had luck on his side. Dan posted 5 reviews in the month of December. His winning review was for a Wiha IPR4 Precision Pentalobe Screwdriver.

Dan had this to say about the Wiha Pentalobe Screwdriver he bought:
“I’ve been searching for high quality pentalobe drivers for our macbooks, I’m so glad Wiha has released these.”

Congratulations Dan! Thanks for leaving product reviews at kctoolco.com.

Wondering how we choose the winner? It’s nothing fancy. We export all of the reviews into an excel spreadsheet and use random.org to generate a random number. The corresponding numbered line on the spreadsheet is the winner.

Good luck next month!

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