Wiha Pentalobe Torque Screwdriver for iPhone in Stock and on Sale at KC Tool!


The options for high quality pentalobe screwdrivers just keep getting better! We recently started shipping the Wera torque screwdriver set with 4mm HIOS pentalobe 1IPR bit. Then came the low cost and extremely popular Wiha precision pentalobe screwdriver. Today we are excited to announce the Wiha pentalobe torque screwdriver. We are selling the new IPR1 pentalobe screwdriver blade and the new low range ESD torque screwdriver handle together as a kit here and we also have them available individually.

To date, this is the least expensive pentalobe torque screwdriver option and its also an extremely high quality German made torque screwdriver.  Retail for this set is $159.96 and we have it on sale for $135.97.

  • Molded cushion grip, two component handles allow for maximum achievable torque to be reached with comfort.
  • Precise repeatability!
  • Each tool has unique serial number and certificate of calibration.
  • +/-10% accuracy tolerance.
  • Audible and perceptible click when the torque setting has been attained, automatically resets for next torque cycle; 50% greater reverse torque.
  • Surface resistance of handles is 106 – 109 Ohms.

The torque screwdriver handle is adjustable from -0.04 to 0.46 Nm and it comes complete with the torque adjustment tool and certificate of calibration.

If you are servicing small electronics this torque screwdriver would be a great investment to insure you tighten the screws to the proper specifications.

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