Long Shaft Screwdrivers in stock. KC Tool has extra long screwdrivers for those hard to reach screws.


These long blade screwdrivers may be your only chance to remove that hard to reach screw and could save you an awful lot of head scratching and frustration.  At KC Tool we stock long shaft screwdrivers from two German Screwdriver manufacturers, Wiha and Wera Tools.  Click to see a list of screwdrivers with 300mm (11.8″) blades.  This is the distance from the edge of the handle to the tip of the screwdriver.

We have over 25 different screwdrivers with 300mm blades and tips like phillips, slotted, square, torx, security torx, and pozidriv.

One of our best sellers is this extra long Wiha bit holding screwdriver.  It accepts standard 1/4″ bits and has the same 300mm blade length to access those difficult to reach screws.

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