Wiha Pentalobe Torque Screwdriver for iPhone in Stock and on Sale at KC Tool!


The options for high quality pentalobe screwdrivers just keep getting better! We recently started shipping the Wera torque screwdriver set with 4mm HIOS pentalobe 1IPR bit. Then came the low cost and extremely popular Wiha precision pentalobe screwdriver. Today we are excited to announce the Wiha pentalobe torque screwdriver. We are selling the new IPR1 pentalobe screwdriver blade and the new low range ESD torque screwdriver handle together as a kit here and we also have them available individually.Read More »

Pentalobe Screwdriver for Apple iPhone will be available in a High Quality version from German Tool Manufacturer

Update 4/10/14: Pentalobe bits are now available in this precision bit set and will be available separately soon.

Update: Newer post here.

The only readily available Pentalobe screwdrivers are currently produced in China.  These Pentalobe screwdrivers may be acceptable for occasional use but those of you who are repairing Apple products will be excited to learn about a higher quality tool currently being manufactured by Wiha.  It’s widely accepted that Wiha, a German tool manufacturer, makes the highest quality precision screwdrivers in the world and we are thrilled to report that they have begun manufacturing six Pentelobe screwdrivers in sizes IPR1 through IPR6. These will certainly be the tool of choice for iPhone Repair Technicians around the world!

The Pentalobe screw was first used by Apple in 2009.  It’s been used in Apple’s iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 as well as the MacBook and Macbook Air.  It’s classified as a temper proof fastener and is meant to stop unauthorized opening or repair of the devices. The design is very similar to the six point Torx screw except it only has five points.

Wiha was not able to give us a firm date for the release of this new driver but we do know they have begun production on six sizes that will first be released in their standard precision screwdriver handle and ESD safe insert blades for their ESD Safe Torque Screwdrivers.

iphone opening tool pentalobe screwdriver by wiha

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