Wiha Pentalobe Torque Screwdriver for iPhone in Stock and on Sale at KC Tool!


The options for high quality pentalobe screwdrivers just keep getting better! We recently started shipping the Wera torque screwdriver set with 4mm HIOS pentalobe 1IPR bit. Then came the low cost and extremely popular Wiha precision pentalobe screwdriver. Today we are excited to announce the Wiha pentalobe torque screwdriver. We are selling the new IPR1 pentalobe screwdriver blade and the new low range ESD torque screwdriver handle together as a kit here and we also have them available individually.Read More »

Looking for a Wiha Pentalobe Screwdriver for iPhone Repair?

Updated post here:

You are not the only one.  Since Wiha makes the best precision screwdrivers it’s only natural that you see the Apple repair technicians using them to repair your Apple computer.  Because of this, many people assume Wiha makes a pentalobe screwdriver for iPhone repair but that’s not true or wasn’t true.

The good news is, Wiha has begun production of 6 sizes of pentalobe screwdrivers including the 3 sizes most commonly used in Apple’s iPhone and MacBook Air.

Wiha USA is not sure exactly when they will be available but they are coming soon. Follow our blog or like us on facebook if you want to be the first to know when you can buy a Wiha Pentalobe Screwdriver. As the nations premier Wiha distributor you can count on us to have them as soon as they are available. www.kctoolco.com

Wiha Pentalobe screwdriver for Apple iPhone.