Knipex Pliers have been pulled from Lowes and replaced with tools made in China.

Some Lowes stores still have a few German made Knipex Pliers, but many have already sold out and replaced them with pliers made in China.  Knipex tools are not the only brand being pulled from the shelves of Lowes. Channel Lock is also on the list and there are rumors of Ideal and Greenlee being removed as well.  Check your local store, you may be able to find a great deal on Knipex pliers.  If they are no longer available and you are wondering where to buy Knipex pliers, you can always get a great deal at  You’ll pay less for your Knipex pliers at KC Tool and we don’t charge a restocking fee if you accidentally order the wrong tool and want to return it.

Where to buy Knipex tools

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