September Synopsis

knipex click clamp hose clamp clic clamp pliers new germany
#4: KNIPEX 85 51 250 C | 10″ Cobra Hose Clamp Pliers for Click Clamps | Now Available at KC Tool

Top 10 List – Summer Happenings 

10.  Painting

Double Click Grey.   That was the winner when deciding what color to repaint the front office space earlier this summer.  It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do to a room.  The paint segued into various other office improvements — perhaps the most important of which was a cork dartboard.

9. Bit Bins

bit bins

Only need to buy 1 screwdriver bit?  Need to mix n’ match sizes/styles?

Most screwdriver bits come from the manufacturer in a multipack — however, KC Tool recognizes that not every consumer needs a multipack.  KC Tool subdivides manufacturer packs into individual pieces.  (ex. 10 Bit Pack $9.20 = 10 Bits @ $0.92ea)

As one might imagine, subdividing these bit packs takes up a surprising amount of space. The 64 bin Akro-Mills unit pictured above was the solution to improving warehouse efficiency.  With over 2600 individual screwdriver bits currently available these 64 bin units became commonplace.

8.  newegg

Precision Tools for Computers – stay tuned

7.  Custom Tape

Our friend Caitlin at Paq-Source helped us design some custom KC Tool packing tape.  If you haven’t seen it it’s reason alone to place an order!

6. New Lower Prices on all Witte Tools

Witte Tools KC Tool Knipex USA

We received confirmation a few days ago that the list price for all Witte Tools (distributed by KNIPEX Tools LP, USA) was going down.  We have passed the savings along by reducing our already discounted prices.   Witte reduced the list prices by 10-15% on most tools … see the pricing example below as KCT continues to pass along the extra savings.

Old List: $12.00

Old KC Tool Price: $10.20

New List: $10.56

New KC Tool Price: $8.98

BONUS: over 30 new Witte Tools added this week!  Be sure to view them here.  No picture?  Let us know and we can get an image for the tool or tools you are seeking.

View All New Arrivals – KC Tool

5. Felo Tools – Special Order Tools from Germany

Bondhus is the master distributor for Felo Tools in the United States.  The folks there have been super helpful this summer getting us setup as an online & brick and mortar distributor.

As is the case with most German tool brands, there are tools that are not imported to the U.S.  Sometimes these tools can be made available by us coordinating with the master distributor.

Bondhus has graciously imported some of these unique & interesting tools for us:

4.  New Products – Knipex

Click the picture at the top of this post for more details.

3.  Black Friday 2015 Tools – Brainstorming Begins

Our famous Black Friday sale has historically ran Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday — look for the same this year with huge savings on a number of our most popular tools.  Tell us what you would like to see featured in the Comments below.

2. American Royal BBQ

For those unfamiliar it’s kind of a big deal here in Kansas City.  One of our employees recently joined a competition BBQ team and will be competing in their first American Royal BBQ during the first weekend of October.  This is the first year that the competition will be held in the Truman Sports Complex parking lot — for the past 36 years the competition was held in the historic West Bottoms area including Kemper Arena and the surrounding grounds.

1.  Hazet Tools – Coming 4th Quarter 2015

Stay tuned for more announcements.

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