New Wera Torque Tools

Wera Torque Tools

Wera Tools recently expanded their lineup of torque tools by adding several new models including the 7443 adjustable pistol grip screwdriver pictured above (4.0-8.8 Nm, #05074705001) which is compatible with all standard 1/4″ bits.  There are also several other new models including VDE insulated torque screwdrivers, pre-set (fixed) torque screwdrivers in both ESD and non-ESD versions, and expanded torque-ranges for many of the popular Kraftform handle models.

Click here to view the Wera Torque Tools for controlled tightening online catalog.

“Wera torque tools permit torque-controlled tightening to prevent damage to screws or work pieces and to ensure the dependability of the screw connection.  This makes labour-intensive drilling-out of the screw and unproductive downtimes a thing of the past.”

Pictured above is the pre-set ESD 1460 model (0.035Nm, #05074800001) which is for use with 4 mm Halfmoon drive (Wera series 9) and 4 mm HIOS drive (Wera 21 series) bits.  This is a popular model used on many of today’s electronics particularly in the wireless repair industry.  “The use of large-scale integrated circuits – known as ICs – means that electrical appliances are getting smaller and smaller.  However, ICs malfunction or fail completely when exposed to electrostatic energy fields.  This makes ESD-safe screwdrivers indispensable.”

Check out the complete lineup of Wera torque tools today!

P.S.  The Wera Summer Sale ends September 30th — don’t miss out on the amazing deals on some Kraftform Kompakt Screwdrivers, 3/8″ metric and SAE socket sets with ratchet, and others.  Wera Summer Sale – KC Tool

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