Stabila Now Available At KC Tool!

Things are leveling out at KC Tool! We are now a proud distributor of the finest levels made in the world, Stabila. For over 125 years, Stabila has set the standard for levels and measuring tools. KC Tool is a Certified Full Line Distributor, meaning we will have the ENTIRE stabila catalog available to order. From tiny pocket levels to long distance rotating lasers to spare parts, we can take care of all your Stabila needs.

And man are they rugged! We’ve seen them dropped, kicked, soaked, you name it and they never lost a beat. We are proud and excited to add Stabila to our rich catalog of German tools. You know that KC Tool is the best place to buy high quality tools and now it is your go-to for the pinnacle of measuring tools. So what are you waiting for? Follow the link in our bio to shop Stabila at KC Tool right now!


We Are Self Conscious About Our Great Reviews

At KC Tool, we are proud of all the great reviews we get. That said, our products very rarely get a bad review. When we browse our own website and see that nearly all our tools have five-star reviews, we feel self-conscious that it appears fake. How could we have all stellar reviews? I don’t recall any other websites where all their products have four and five star reviews. With all the five-star reviews on our website, one might get suspicious and think that we are doctoring the numbers, so-to-speak. We aren’t, we promise.Read More »

What is a DIN number?

There are various sets of standards in the tool world.  In America we have The American National Standards Institute or ANSI for short.  On a global level, there is the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO.  Since this is a blog about specifically German made tools we will look at the German version: DIN.

DIN stands for Deutsches Institut Für Normung or German Institute for Standardization in English.  They have been operating for literally 100 years and have always been highly regarded in the standards community.  Though the name implies an exclusively German operation, the DIN standards have been adopted across the world and influenced many other standards organizations including the ISO.  The best example of this is the DIN standard 476 from 1922 introducing the A sizes of paper which would later become ISO 216 in 1975.Read More »