Your Wera Sockets, on a Belt!

Wera has always had great options in the field of tool storage. They have the “James Bond” driver where the bits are stored in the handle, the new 2go series of cases and storage solutions, not to mention that a ton of the tool sets they make come with high quality boxes, stands or racks. Now they are adding yet another option to their arsenal of storage choices: belts.

It seems like a simple concept, but Wera has maximized it’s potential. With both velcro and a carabiner attached, you have a number of options to always have your sockets near by. Hang them off your tool-belt, velcro them to your bench, attach them to another 2go box, tons of possibilities! You are probably thinking, as I would be, that socket holders can be hit or miss and you foresee all those sockets falling off while you have them hanging off your body. Wera has solved that problem by adding a twist locking mechanism. The sockets are placed on the holder and then twisted to lock them into place, so they aren’t going anywhere.

Need more? The sockets are color coded using the “Take It Easy” tool finder system. As of this writing they come in four sets and two empty variations. The four sets come with standard sockets, sockets with a holding function (with a tool to remove nuts stuck in the socket), hex bit sockets or torx bit sockets. The two empty belts have either eight or nine slots. They only come in 1/4″ socket versions, but there are rumors that other sizes will be available in the future.

Have you used the new socket belts, yet? Are you excited to? Let us know!


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