Another KC Tool/Wiha Exclusive!

Introducing the ultimate precision screwdriver set! This is the Rolls Royce of precision sets, too, featuring Wiha’s top-of-the-line PicoFinish screwdrivers and the KC Tool tumbled aluminum bench top stand. Last year KC Tool and Wiha collaborated on a master set of screwdrivers that we premiered Black Friday weekend. It was so much fun we had to do it again!

Through research and surveys, we feel we have found the most common precision screwdrivers sizes to fit most applications. You will have a good selection of phillips, slotted, torx, hex, tri-point and even pentalobe for Apple products. To celebrate the birth of this new set, for the month of April the set is on sale for $159, 30% off the list price! Shop KC Tool now!


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