Introducing Sticker Packs! Free Over $100!

We get asked for stickers all the time. People tell us how they want to represent the high quality tools they use, so they put KC Tool and our brands’ stickers on their toolboxes, hard hats, sticker walls, you name it! We have always given out as many stickers as we had lying around, but that meant sometimes you would get an incomplete set. NO MORE!

KC Tool is proud to present the ultimate German tool brand sticker pack. Ten top brands, plus your favorite brand: KC Tool. These are all high-quality die-cut stickers that you won’t find anywhere else. They are only $9.99 (less than a buck a sticker), but we are upping the ante. Spend over 100 bucks with us (not that hard to do let’s face it) and you get a sticker pack FREE! How awesome is that? Shop KC Tool now and get sticking! (and PS, if you have stickers of your own, we would love to put you up on our sticker wall! We love sticker swaps!)


2 thoughts on “Introducing Sticker Packs! Free Over $100!

  1. Absolutely! We can ship to Sweden. Check out like normal on the website and you will be able to see your shipping cost before you make the final purchase.

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