EDC, Pocket Dumps and The Knipex Mini Cobras.

As social media continues to grow and grow, so has the world of hashtags. If you have been living in a barn for the past 3 or 4 years, a hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a pound symbol. The hashtag is (and always should be) relatable to the content of the post, so, for instance, if a movie theater posts about a new movie playing they may add #nowplaying or #newmovie to their post. At KC Tool we love our #kctool and #kctoolcrew hashtags as well as our brand’s tags like #wiha and #weratools.

A popular hashtag among our tool community is #edc. When I started as the Social Media guy for KC Tool, I will admit I had no idea what that meant. The posts that use the tag typically have a bunch of stuff laid out on a table or a hand holding a couple of tools and a knife. Phones, keys, knives, multi-tools, you name it. What the posts highlight are “pocket dumps,” or essentially a picture of everything that is in your pocket. Which makes sense when we learn what EDC stands for: Every Day Carry.

Everyday carry items are things that people feel they need on a consistent basis, items that they couldn’t live without in the modern world. From the utilitarian to the emergency, they are their must-haves for being on the go.

Mini Cobras
The Tiny Knipex Mini Cobras

A common theme among these posts is the presence of one tool, the Knipex Mini Cobras. I totally understand why the EDC community likes them. They are small, light, highly-functional and most importantly, fit in your pocket easily. They are big enough to fit around things like garden hose nozzles and car parts, yet small enough to get into tight spaces and awkward corners. Perfect for a ton of different applications, it’s a no brainer that they are in pockets around the world and will continue to be an everyday carry for generations to come.

Are you part of the EDC community? Do you carry the Mini Cobras in your pocket every day? What tools do you carry on an everyday basis? Let us know!


22 thoughts on “EDC, Pocket Dumps and The Knipex Mini Cobras.

  1. I carry these with me everyday: Wiha folding ruler, snap on pocket screwdriver, Boker Automatic knife, Milwaukee compact utility knife.

  2. Left hip pocket has a hank. Left front pocket vitamin holder, quick pik, tweezers, tacware toothpick mini prybar, front pocket wallet with plenty of hairbands, and a single finger knuck. Belt buckle knife on my belt. Right front pocket Fieldnotes with leather cover, böker tactical pen with Fisher Spacepen refill, keys, and my phone. The watch pocket carries a small razor knife. The right side mechanic’s pocket carries a good lock back knife, The ruler pocket carries my flashlight. My right hip pocket holds two finger knuck.

  3. My EDC/pocketdump: Gerber Pocket Square or Serrated Fast Draw, a Gerber Centerdrive with full bit kit, The Knipex 125mm pliers-wrench, a couple sharpies, a Gerber Shard tool on my keychain, and of course iPhone and wallet. I have one set of the mini Cobras in my toolbox but could always use another!

  4. I carry a nitecore p12 flashlight , leatherman skeletool cx, sun bum chap stick, rustico notepad and surefire sonic earplugs

  5. I carry a minimalist wallet from Ridge, an iPhone, and my keys. Used to carry a multi tool, but the blade broke and I haven’t replaced it yet.

  6. I work in graphics and signage i EDC the following: Olfa 9mm blade, olfa 18mm blade, streamlight stylus, leatherman wave w/ bit set, sharpies, gerber artifact.

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