How To Remove Anti-Theft Ratchet and Socket Tags

If you have ever bought a high-end ratchet or socket, such as a Wera Zyklop, you may have gotten the tool and sat perplexed for hours staring at it, wondering how to get the dang thing out of the package. I hear ya loud and clear. It is easy to overlook the tiny picture of a pair of snips on the packaging, but that is the only way you are going to get these puppies out of their cage and into the toolbox. There are notches on both socket and ratchet packages that are meant to be cut off to release the tool.

Socket Cut
Where to cut on socket packaging

The socket packaging is pretty easy. You will notice a small notch protruding from one side that is holding the locking apparatus stable to the hang tab. Cut this in half and the bottom piece of plastic will be free and you will be able to pop the packaging out of the socket.

Ratchet Cut
Where to cut on ratchet packaging

The ratchet package is a bit more cumbersome. On the back of the hang tag, there is a bulbous butterfly-looking piece of plastic that the different sized drives are inserted into. In the center is a hole and there are two lines cut in the sides. There are two small pieces of plastic in between the hole and line cut-outs. Cut those two pieces of plastic and the ratchet should release from its packaging.

So this begs the question: WHY are they so hard to get open? Well, it is intentional. While you may order your tool online (from KC Tool of course), many of the sockets and ratchets sold by these manufacturers are displayed in brick-and-mortar stores. The packaging for sockets makes it easy to hang while showing off the tool. It gives the customer the ability to touch it yet deterring the potential thief from running off with it. The ratchet packaging is a bit more complex, as it doesn’t just allow for the tool to be hung. The mechanism that the drive is inserted into allows for a customer to test out the ratcheting function and decide for themselves how much they like the feel of the tool’s grip and quality.

Still having trouble? Never hesitate to call us at KC Tool, and we would be happy to walk through it.


One thought on “How To Remove Anti-Theft Ratchet and Socket Tags

  1. Thanks. Probably saved me about an hour and even odds you saved me a gash to the hand if something slipped when I pried it…

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