Introducing Staff Pick Screwdriver Sets!

We at KC Tool spend all day with the great German tools you have come to know and love. We also have very different opinions and aren’t afraid to voice them. Our weekly meetings always go way over the time allotted. For a while, I personally was the butt of the joke because I called a special meeting about a specific YouTube video we were working on and the meeting took two hours because we all had different views on it. For as long as that freakin’ meeting was, it was great that we work in an environment that welcomes opposing viewpoints and allows us to share them without prosecution.

Now those opinions are on full display. Each member of the staff has crafted what they believe to be the perfect screwdriver set. When the idea was first floated, I truthfully thought there would be a ton of crossover and that our sets would be fairly similar. Man, was I wrong.

Everybody had a different idea of what they would need in their set. Some had a specific theme in mind like price or type of screwdriver. Some wanted their screwdrivers color-coded. Others wanted a wide range of tips and sizes. Some love a specific brand, such as Wiha or Wera. And then there is the guy who just wanted his set to be “kickass”.

Who knew we would be all over the board! When we went around and discussed why we chose them (you can read the descriptions of each set for a little insight) it was fascinating to hear everybody’s different thoughts. But that’s what makes KC Tool great right?

OH, there is also this other little thing about us at KC Tool. We are extremely competitive. So you had better believe we are watching the sale amounts like a hawk.

I hope you enjoy this new little treat from us. And of course, I should tell you to go buy your favorite one (Collin’s Set). All of the tools we sell are of the highest quality so no matter which one you buy (Collin’s Set), you are guaranteed the best screwdrivers money can buy (Collin’s Set).

But I guess that begs another question: what is in your perfect screwdriver set?


3 thoughts on “Introducing Staff Pick Screwdriver Sets!

  1. I have some wurth tools and I work on Mercedes Benz and Porsche, Lexus and jaguar. My German tools are excellent tools. If you have a catalog I am interested. Thanks

    • Hey! We have print catalogs for each of separate brands which are available to ship to you, but our website is really our “Master Catalog.” Check it out at

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