New Knipex Pliers

Widely regarded as one of the best brands of pliers in the world, Knipex continues to deliver new and upgraded German made tools annually.   This Fall is no exception with the addition of several new models that are now available in North America (or soon available).  Knipex expands their ever popular Cobra series with a locking version of their 10″ (250mm) Hose Clamp Pliers as pictured below (85-51-250-AF).

Knipex Tools Cobra Locking Clamp Cobra Pliers
Knipex 85-51-250-AF

This new model includes a new locking device (silver lever to the right of the push-button) that locks in position when working on those pesky hose clamps.

Closely related is the new Knipex 85-51-250-C which is specifically designed for “Click Clamps.”  Notice the slight difference on the rotating jaw tips (more of a squared design).

Knipex Tools Click Clamp Cobra Pliers 10

Also new from Knipex is the 81-01-250 which resembles the Cobra series but is designed for working on siphons, tube fittings and connectors up to 80 mm diameter.  There is another model (not pictured) with plastic jaw inserts for working on senstitive/soft surfaces where you do not want to mar the finish: 81-11-250

Knipex Tools Siphon Pipe Pliers

Last but not least are the addition of several new tool sets for electricians, mechanics, and people working on solar connections.  There are too many to list so I encourage you to take a look at the newest Knipex Tools by clicking here.

Stay tuned for more announcements and details including some exciting new changes to the Knipex Lineman’s Pliers!

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