Wiha PicoFinish Pentalobe Precision Screwdrivers

New & In-Stock: Wiha PicoFinish Pentalobe Precision Screwdrivers in sizes P1 PL1 P2 PL2 P3 PL3 P4 PL4 P5 PL5 P6 PL6 iphone
New & In-Stock: Wiha PicoFinish Pentalobe Precision Screwdrivers in sizes PL1-PL6 (P1-P6) – November 2015

Wiha (Germany) recently announced their new Pentalobe lineup of PicoFinish screwdrivers. KC Tool is happy to be the first in North America to have them available for sale (link). Wiha’s PicoFinish is the top of the line finish available in their precision screwdriver selection. The smooth spinning caps on PicoFinish screwdrivers are labeled with the tip size and style for easy reference. The handle is slightly tapered for a comfortable, ergonomic grip with the ability for rapid rotation.

ToolGuyd listed the Wiha PicoFinish series on its list of Best Precision Screwdrivers.

The Pentalobe screw was developed by Apple as a proprietary security fastener (side note: anyone else catch the Apple reference in the recent film, Steve Jobs?). It’s similar in profile to the Torx screw but with one less lobe (total 5, “penta”).

There has been some confusion over what size Pentalobe screws are found in Apple devices. Wiha currently makes six sizes from P1 (smallest) through P6 (largest). We have not confirmed any uses for the P3 or P6 but would love to get your feedback in the comments.

Pentalobe Sizing Guide:

  • P1: iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus (Wera equivalent IPR1 screwdriver)
  • P2: Apple Watch Band
  • P3: None
  • P4: MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina Display
  • P5: 2009 MacBook Pro Battery – 15” Only
  • P6: None

Looking for a Wiha Pentalobe Screwdriver for iPhone Repair?

Updated post here:

You are not the only one.  Since Wiha makes the best precision screwdrivers it’s only natural that you see the Apple repair technicians using them to repair your Apple computer.  Because of this, many people assume Wiha makes a pentalobe screwdriver for iPhone repair but that’s not true or wasn’t true.

The good news is, Wiha has begun production of 6 sizes of pentalobe screwdrivers including the 3 sizes most commonly used in Apple’s iPhone and MacBook Air.

Wiha USA is not sure exactly when they will be available but they are coming soon. Follow our blog or like us on facebook if you want to be the first to know when you can buy a Wiha Pentalobe Screwdriver. As the nations premier Wiha distributor you can count on us to have them as soon as they are available. www.kctoolco.com

Wiha Pentalobe screwdriver for Apple iPhone.