Ball-End Hex Tools: A Guide

Hex Key, Allen Wrench, L-Key, no matter what name you call it, if you have ever assembled anything you have probably used one. You can get them in Metric or SAE and they come in all kinds of sizes, from the tiny .028 inch to massive one inch. They are commonly used for furniture assembly because they are cheap to manufacture and can be tossed in the box for the customer to use (evidently they are like paperclips at IKEA and they will give you one if you ask nicely).

We have grown so accustomed to getting free L-keys in our furniture boxes that we take for granted the inferior quality of them and are very likely just to throw the tool away with the plastic bag it came in when we’re done. As any reader of this blog should know though, we buy good quality tools and demand only the best, so why use that freebie in the first place? A good set of L-keys will last you decades without showing wear and tear. But there is one big advantage to buying a quality set of L-keys and that’s the ball end.Read More »

Hazet Tools Now in Stock

KC Tool is pleased to announce that Hazet has joined the family of German Tool brands that we distribute. Hazet is one of the finest tool brands in the world. Adding Hazet helps to round out our product offering especially in their automotive, industrial, and aerospace markets.

The partnership of great product with great customer experience is ingrained in our company DNA. From day one, we have sought to deliver the best German tools at great prices, on time, every time. Whether you are a multi-million dollar a year business or just a DIY tinkerer you will be treated fairly and courteously – every time. 

Bulk/Wholesale pricing available.

The World Famous Hazet Tool Trolley Assistent


Hazet Announcement now at KC Tool

Hazet coming soon to KC Tool!

KC Tool is proud to present Hazet as our newest German hand tool manufacturer!

Many of you are probably already well aware of the Hazet German hand tool brand, especially if you are a Volkswagen or Porsche aficionado. Hazet’s association with these premier automakers have lasted decades.

Hazet was founded by Hermann Zerver in Remscheid, Germany in 1868. Ha-Zet came from a shorting of his first and last name. The company has continued to grow in the last 150 years but still maintains its family ties with the 4th and 5th generation (Hermann Jochen Zerver and Matthias J. Hoffmann, respectively) of Herman Zerver still running the company.

Hazet offers a full range of hand tools as well as a variety of specialty tools including automotive (like mentioned above), industrial, automation and aerospace. We are really excited to strengthen our existing industrial and automotive lines, with the addition of Hazet. It seems a natural fit in amongst our other outstanding brands. Some of the tools Hazet is most famous for are their tool trolleys: the “Assistent” series of tools (image below).

We will start carrying a full complement of Hazet tools starting the third week of March. Please keep your eye on our website. But if you need a reminder we will give you a heads up email to let you know when they are in stock!Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.32.34 AM.jpg

Hughes & Kettner TriAmp Mark 3 – The Ultimate (German) Guitar Amp

hughes-and-kettner triamp mark 3 mk III tri amp h&k

With an MSRP of $4999.00 USD the Hughes & Kettner TriAmp Mark 3 is in the upper bracket of current production vacuum tube (a.k.a valve) guitar amplifiers.  This 150W six-channel amp showcases a blend of modern technology with a simple, old school approach to the pre and power sections by use of 15 individual vacuum tubes (detailed specs).  How does it sound?  Click Play to find out.

Guitar player or not, you have to admit – it’s impressive (and quite possibly a work of art). What do Hughes & Kettner and KC Tool have in common?  Excellent Guitar Amps + Excellent Tools = Excellent Guitar Tools.

If you are looking to upgrade your guitar tools we are here to help.  Have you ever changed guitar strings with a pair of Knipex diagonal cutters?  Cuts like a hot knife through butter.  Wiha and Wera precision screwdrivers for adjustments?  Piece of cake. Gedore measuring tools?  Got ’em.  Felo screwdriver bits?  In-stock.

With a large number of the staff at KC Tool being musically inclined we are happy to help answer questions and recommend products suited for your needs.  We can ship same day for in-stock items that are ordered by 12PM CST (M-F) — Free Shipping on $50+ (continental USA).

We wanted to extend a big thank you to all of our customers for a great 2015.  We are excited for 2016 as we will continue to bring you all of the newest tools from Germany (including Hazet!).