Wera Advent Calendar 2022

Another year, another Wera Advent Calendar! Hard to believe we are already talking about the holidays, but here we are! This year’s kick-off into the season is both functional (obviously!) and festive (it’s red and green!).

The selection of tools this year, in my humble opinion, may be the best yet. A bit holding screwdriver handle with the same integrated bit storage as other popular Wera tools, a compact bit-check, FOUR Joker Wrenches and, of course, the bottle opener!

If you are anything like me, you look forward to this day every year. I still love using my set from 7 years ago! So either add this one to your growing collection or jump on the train now, because once these are gone, we can’t get more. And trust me, they tend to go FAST, so don’t hesitate!


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