Now Available For Order! New Knipex Twin Grip Pliers! 

You may have seen a rumble here and there. You may have read a thing or two in the forums. You may follow Knipex on social media. If so… You know what this post is all about.

For everybody else: NEW TOOLS! Knipex has officially announced their new Twin Grip Pliers and they will leave your old slip joints in the dust. The list of improvements is amazing: push button, five adjustment positions, front jaw designed for stripped fasteners, side jaw with opposing teeth, made in Germany to the same Knipex standards you are accustomed to… and MORE! 

You need these. You know you do. Order your pair RIGHT NOW and we will deliver them to you ASAP when we get our first shipments in July. 

One thought on “Now Available For Order! New Knipex Twin Grip Pliers! 

  1. FOR YEARS I wanted pliers like these. Particularly for twisting wires. To me, it seems a “duh” obvious idea. And yet, I haven’t found any options aside from Engineer/VamPliers, which I resisted buying because handle side of hinge looks like a pinch hazard.

    Could you try to convince Knipex to make these VDE?

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