Thank You! Plus A Word On These Unprecedented Times.

On May 20th, KC Tool launched a fundraising effort to support Harvesters Community Food Network. Our generous customers purchased over 125 coffee mugs. For each mug purchased, KC Tool would give $25, plus donate the net proceeds of the sales.

We are thrilled to announce that you helped us donate a total of $6,563 to Harvesters – THANK YOU!

By now you’ve seen numerous statements about the current cultural climate, and perhaps we have been slow to publicly react. We recognize too, though, that in order to enact real change, this cannot be a “moment” but rather must be a sustained movement of continued efforts.

And we want to do more than talk; we, as a small company, want to donate to organizations that are addressing issues of social and racial justice. Our employees have had many conversations about these issues, and we most passionately believe in the mission of Urban League of Greater Kansas City.

We are proud to announce that KC Tool will donate $6,563 to Urban League of Greater Kansas City. This money will help “enable African Americans and other disadvantaged populations to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights.”

KC Tool wants to encourage our employees to continue investing in the organizations that are most important to them. To that end, we are implementing a donation matching program. KC Tool will provide a 1:1 match of our employees’ charitable donations (up to $100 per month per employee).

We invite our generous KC Tool customers to join us in giving back to the causes that matter most to you. Thank you!


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