The SpeedE from Wiha, Available at KC Tool

This is not a drill! It’s the SpeedE!

As you might have seen in one of our previous YouTube videos, KC Tool traveled to Cologne Germany in March 2018 to go to the International Hardware Show. Ryan and I saw a lot of cool new tools but one that was getting a lot of buzz was Wiha’s SpeedE.

So what is it? From afar it might just look like a regular screwdriver, but when you turn the ring switch located on the handle, the inserted blade turns the way you push it,  forward or reverse. It comes in its own L Boxx mini, and comes with all the things you need to charge the two batteries that come with it, plus eight slimline blades. And though it does come with eight blades, it’s compatible with the entire line of Wiha’s slimline blades and easy torque control adapters.

Though it’s great for a wide array of applications, because it is an insulated tool it’s especially useful for those working anywhere near live electricity. But you may be saying “Collin I have a drill! I don’t need an electronic screwdriver!” and if you’re saying that, well you’re probably right. BUT, if you’re manually fastening low torque fasteners all day such as those who work on terminal blocks or a residential electrician this could be a game-changer in both your hand health and how efficient you are during the day.

You can get your hands on a speedy right now at


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