NWS Tools, An Overview – Available from KC Tool

Let me introduce you to NWS. First a little history. It was founded by Willibald Nöthen in 1973, four days after the demise of the biggest tool forge in Germany, Walter Gott, where he had worked. Since its inception NWS has become a worldwide leader in the production of hand tools with the philosophy of focusing on function, quality, and design. They pride themselves on developing tools that actually WORK for the user, not just built on spec. They use a combination of manual production and state-of-the-art machine technology, all under the guise of very stringent quality control specifications.

Though they make a wide variety of tools their focus has always been on pliers grippers and cutters such as… combination pliers, angled combination pliers, needle nose pliers, angled needle nose pliers, water pump pliers, insulated water pump pliers, side cutters, high leverage side cutters, cable cutters, tin snips, Berlin pattern tin snips, jeweler’s snips, end nippers, grip pliers, wire strippers, and a ton more at that! And they can all be tailored to your specifications as most of them come in different grip styles and different finishes.

And of course, the best place to get NWS tools is KC Tool!


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