New And Improved Knipex Tools!

You’ve been asking and they have finally arrived! Brand new tools from Knipex! One of the greatest tools of all time has been redesigned. The Knipex Pliers Wrench is now 15% lighter, has an increased gripping capacity and is available in a black atramentized finish. They have also added super-handy laser etched scale markings, so you can set your size before gripping.

Black Pliers Wrench V3

But the new pliers wrench isn’t all that’s new and exciting! With the same design as it’s bigger brothers, the new 6 1/4″ CoBolt bolt cutters put power in your pocket with it’s easy-to-carry size. At the same 6 1/4″ length, the new compact wire rope cutter features shear cutting blades that provide a clean cut every time! These are exciting new editions to the Knipex catalog and as you know, the best place to buy them is at KC Tool!


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