Tool Of The Day™ Hall Of Fame, Season 2

We know that some of you in the German tool universe follow our Tool Of The Day™ religiously. For those of you who don’t, everyday at we have a featured tool. Sometimes we feature a new arrival, sometimes a best seller, and other times a unique tool that you may not know even existed.

They aren’t randomly picked, either. Our Tool of the Day™ (or TOD as we call it) “curators” weigh the many elements that go into it. Not just what it’s used for and how cool the tool is, but how much of a deal you, as the customer, can get on it. The Tool of the Day is about getting you a deep discount on a great tool, while also, hopefully, educating you on what’s new, what’s useful, and possibly, what could change your entire work process.

For a couple of weeks last year we experimented with what we called the TOD Hall Of Fame. It was a way to feature the best-of-the-best of the year. A chance for those top selling tools to have even another shot at being a legend and a chance for you to maybe pick up something you missed or regretted not snagging up the first time around.

This year we are extending it to the entire month, so there is even more chance for you to save. Everyday in December we will re-feature a great tool at a great price. I say great tools. These are not just great tools. They are Hall Of Fame worthy!

Check back everyday at KC Tool to see what deals can be had!


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