A New Line Of Pliers From Felo!

We love Felo at KC Tool. It’s one of the lesser known German Tool brands, but it is no slouch on quality. And man, have they just upped their game. They have introduced an entire line of pliers and cutters to add to their tool arsenal and they are stellar to say the least.

They come in both standard and insulated (for protection up to 1000V). In the standard category, we have combination pliers, three different styles of cutters, and two styles of chain nose radio pliers (needle-nose). Within the insulated tools, you have similar versions of the combination and chain nose pliers as well as cutters. The insulated line also boasts stripping pliers, cable cutters and a multi cutter. All the tools have a comfortable, ergonomic grip with a built-in tether attachment that you can purchase separately (and yes KC Tool carries that, too!) There are also two new water pump pliers available, with or without a push button.

Felo Pliers
The New Felo Line Of Pliers Available at KC Tool

So what’s the big deal? Felo has a solid reputation for quality tools, but they have mainly focused on screwdrivers, bits, ratchets and sockets. Now that they are dipping (technically, dipping BACK) into the plier world, it means we have even more choices for high quality tools. These pliers are manufactured to the highest standards and are affordable. They feel great, too. The grips are super comfortable, but strength was not sacrificed for comfort. Every entity in the line is robust and strong. You feel it the minute you hold one.

Don’t believe me? Put a pair in your hands today and try them out for yourselves. And get them at KC Tool.


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