Ben Kuiken wins $50 to spend at KC Tool

Each month we give $50 KC Tool store credit to one of our customers who left a product review in that month. Individuals are automatically entered when you leave an individual product review. Once the winner is announced they will already have had their $50 prize applied to their account.  Shop at your leisure.

Strings? What strings? There are no strings attached. This is just a good old fashioned giveaway to thank those of you who leave reviews about the tools you buy from us. Reviews are an important part of e-commerce. It is only right to compensate you for your time. Remember, the more reviews you leave, the better your chances of winning.

Ben Kuiken from the great state of Washington had high praise for the Wera Kraftform Kompakt 25 7-In-1 Bitholding Screwdriver.


This is a nice package. The bit storage is unique which sets this apart from other multibit screwdrivers. Wera knew what they were doing, your first experience with a screwdriver is typically switching a bit, Wera makes this first impression a little more enjoyable than your standard multibit screwdriver (both bit storage and the rapidaptor work well). The second experience is driving a screw, this package provides quality bits, comfortable handle, and a rotating collar with extra length if needed. No complaints. It doesn’t feel heavy and its relatively kompakt [sic] and easy to carry. This thing goes with me everywhere now. There may be cheaper, stronger, and easier ways to build a multibit screwdriver, but this one is probably my favorite due to its well-thought out features, convenience, and that second-tier of innovation. I like ratcheting screwdrivers and my Wiha 26 in one, but this Wera is typically the first one I grab because its always in my bag nearby.

Congratulations, Ben! Thanks for leaving your reviews. Leaving reviews for products online helps everyone. 88% of consumers online read reviews before purchasing. Leaving a review for others is a great way to show others you care. In fact, just ask William… sometimes you get some free tools out of the deal too. 😉

Wondering how we choose the winner? It’s nothing fancy. We export all of the reviews into an Excel spreadsheet and use to generate a random number. The corresponding numbered line on the spreadsheet is the winner.

Good luck next month!

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