Special Price on Felo Bit Holder w/Case

We have dropped the price on the Felo 63599 19 Piece Bit Set. This really is a great deal at $37.99 which is a full 56% off of list pricing (@ $87.25). This is a Black Friday type of discount. We don’t offer this deep of a discount often.


This set has a really helpful blend of phillips, square, and torx bits. Check out exactly what the set offers:

All bits are 25mm OAL

  • Phillips: #1, #2 (x2), #3 (x2)
  • Square: #1, #2 (x2), #3 (x2)
  • Torx: T10, T15, T20, T25 (x2), T30 (x2), T40
  • Felo Impact Bit Holder Included
  • Storage Box

We had some great weather over the weekend here in KC (sorry North East USA…I know you all got slammed with a blizzard) so I got outside and did a little repair job on the stoop on the back deck. It didn’t take much to just replace a couple deck boards and a little stain. Felo makes a great bit and I didn’t worry about breaking or rounding off the tips at all. It wasn’t heavy duty usage by any stretch. However, even if I was completely replacing the whole deck I would still reach for these same Felo bits.  It was a little weird actually. Whoever built the deck used phillips screws which I had to back out with the Felo #2 bit. I replaced those screws with Felo t25 torx deck screws. They really snugged up well.

Alright let’s dissect this deal some. You can figure it like this:

So even without the case it’s cheaper to buy this set at $37.99. The case has to be a $10-$15 value minimum not to mention not have the hassle of storing this set without a case. My best guess would be this is a $15-$20 savings on buying the individual pieces. Looks like Felo shoots and scores with this great deal.


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