Custom Chainsaw Tool Kit

I have three trees, two cottonwoods and an elm, in my backyard (not the featured image…haha) that have to be 40+ years old. They are massive. The developer of my neighborhood could have done me a solid and removed them years ago when they built the house…but they didn’t. It is getting to the point I’m going to have to do something about it. The cottonwoods drop so much trash (dead limbs and cotton-y junk in the yard) and the elm grows out toward my house rather than straight up. It is time for them to go.

I had four different local companies come out to bid everything from the removal of all three trees to just pruning the elm. It ranged anywhere from a $600 pruning to $10000 for total stump removal. I really can’t afford any of those options. So I guess it is up to me to do a little cutting of my own. It really is the perfect time for me to do some tree cleanup here in the midwest because the trees are dormant now, and with spring less than 8 weeks away, I better hurry.

I’m not planning on taking more than 20% of any of the trees at a time. Because the experts say that if you do take more than 20% of the tree it is at risk of shock, potentially killing the tree. Next weekend I’m going to get the old Husqvarna chainsaw out that I got at an auction in the fall for $30 and do a little cutting. I really do enjoy cutting wood. I’m just not that experienced cutting trees down in town. I’m going to need to do some reading how to fall the branches without destroying my fence or landscaping. If any readers have any suggestions (in the comments section) I would welcome the advice.


Getting the chainsaw out for the first time in a few months always brings chainsaw adjustments. Chainsaws never seem to either come with a complete tool kit or (like mine) I got it second/third/fourth hand and the tools disappeared years ago. There really isn’t an awesome chainsaw tool kit out there (that I could find), so we (at KC Tool) put our own Wiha chainsaw tool kit together for you. It covers just about all popular makes and models out there from: Dolmar, Husqvarna, Jonsered and Stihl. This is what you get:

  • Ball end hex driver: 3 x 100mm, 4 x 100mm
  • T-handle nut driver: 8 x 200mm, 10 x 230mm
  • T-handle torx driver: T27 x 200mm
  • T-handle hex driver: 3 x 150mm, 4 x 200mm, 5 x 200mm, 3/16 x 6″

This kit has a variety of tools options for almost every possible need. No more hunting around for some obscure tool. They are all right here. Check them out today!


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