Spotlight on Gedore’s TL Series

Gedore has released (to the States) a series pliers designated the TL series. Gedore’s TL (or dipped handle) series provides an inexpensive alternative to the flagship JC (or 2-component handle) series. The JC series still lead the way in Gedore’s pliers’ series, but there is great value in having options.

I love this decision from Gedore to release this series to the US. We are always pleading with all of our German manufacturers to release more product to the US (especially lower cost options). This is an awesome step from Gedore for us and our customers.


Sometimes when tool manufactures give options on series/lines it can vary from mid-range quality to premium quality or premium quality to bargain-basement quality or any variety of mixtures in-between. This is not so with Gedore. The difference between the JC series and the TL series is fairly minimal aesthetically and functionally. The TL series is still a Gedore brand hand tool, which means it comes with all the bells and whistles the name Gedore inspires. The TL series are still all manufactured in Austria with Gedore’s standard limited lifetime warranty against defects. They have a “steel-gray” finish with dipped handles. These are pretty slick because you can get them into tighter spaces than other pliers types. Really the best thing about this series is the price. Gedore really dug deep to make a more affordable, high-performance pair of pliers for everyone. This series is roughly 15%-25% cheaper than the JC series. I like options when buying tools. I don’t like everything to be standard. Now I have options…and so do you. Check them out now.


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