Michael Fairleigh wins $50 to spend at KC Tool


Each month we give $50 KC Tool store credit to one of our customers who left a product review in that month. Individuals are automatically entered when you leave an individual product review. Once the winner is announced they will already have had their $50 prize applied to their account.  Shop at your leisure.

Strings? What strings? There are no strings attached. This is just a good old fashioned giveaway to thank those of you who leave reviews about the tools you buy from us. Reviews are an important part of e-commerce. It is only right to compensate you for your time. Remember, the more reviews you leave, the better your chances of winning.

Michael Fairleigh, a local boy from right here in the KC metro area has luck on his side. His winning review was for the Knipex 61-02-200 8″ Bolt End Cutting Nippers – MultiGrip

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 10.01.57 AM.png

Michael had high praise for the nippers he reviewed:

I looked at several other end nippers before buying these, and am glad I paid the premium for these. The offset design makes it possible to get a solid bite on anything the tool is likely to be used on. The cutting edges are machined perfectly. The grips are very comfortable; remember, you’re likely to be applying a lot of hand pressure to a tool like this. One thing to be aware of is that the trade off for being able to cut thick materials is that the cutting edges can’t be as flush as some might like. To make them more flush would require them to be more fragile. So depending on what you’re doing, you may still need a hammer & nail set to drive the remaining nub back into the wood, etc.

Congratulations, Michael! Thanks for leaving your reviews. Leaving reviews for products online helps everyone. 88% of consumers online read reviews before purchasing. Leaving a review for others is a great way to show others you care. In fact, just ask Michael… sometimes you get some free tools out of the deal too. 😉

Wondering how we choose the winner? It’s nothing fancy. We export all of the reviews into an Excel spreadsheet and use random.org to generate a random number. The corresponding numbered line on the spreadsheet is the winner.

Good luck next month!


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