Wera Autumn Promo: Be a Tool Rebel

Adobe Photoshop PDFWera Tools recently released their Autumn 2016 promotion for North America.

Click here to view all of the current Wera deals on KC Tool’s website.

The featured headliner of this promo is the KK VDE Comfort Screwdriver Set.  Clearance pricing is set at a full 47% off list.  This is on a first come first serve basis.  Get yours today. Part# WR031575

Wera’s Multicolor Black Laser L-Key Set (metric & imperial) is built with durability in mind.  The Hex-Plus technology extends the life of the Hexagon sockets and prevents the rounding of screws caused by sharp edges of conventional tools gradually wearing the screw head.  These Hex-Plus tools also provide more surface contact transferring up to 20% more torque.  Bright, glossy colors allow for easy ability to distinguish which color/size is required for the job.  Part#’s WR022089 & WR022639

Wera’s Kraftform Kompakt 100 is a comprehensive and portable compact tool set.  Wera’s 52-piece set brings a special blend of bits, box holders, and L-keys in a robust textile box. This compact 52-piece set is surprisingly light weight and low volume for the variety offered.  Part# WR057460

Wera’s Koloss 1/2 All Inclusive Rachet Set is a unique tool in that it can function either as a heavy duty ratchet or a hammer; no need to carry two different tools. Multi-component Kraftform handle for optimum pressure, impact, and tensile loads.  The extension can be used for better leverage.  The tubular shaft minimizes impact vibrations.  The holster helps to keep the tool organized.   Invest for the long term with this unbreakable tool.  Part# WR133862Wera’s Kraftform XXL3 Screwdriver Set (11pc) is my personal favorite of this promo from Wera.  This 11-piece screwdriver set is a great set of all around applications.  If you are like me; I can never get enough screwdrivers.  It boasts Kraftform multi-component handles,  laser cut tips (except for the smallest slotted), and hexagon bolster on the chisel drivers provides extra torque when needed.  Part# WR347106




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