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After months of development, our new website has arrived.  It should be a seamless transition for you.  No messy domain changes or anything.  Bookmarks will all redirect for your convenience.  A few of the new features of our website include:

  • A more user- and mobile-friendly interface
  • Easier to view images and cleaner, more polished appearance
  • Fully transparent lead times
  • Unparalleled ability to filter by product attributes
  • Showcases the premium brands we carry more effectively
  • Intuitive order and re-order options

To have a proper German celebration without beer nor schnitzel is a mortal sin. To attempt to make up for it we are offering 10% off orders through October 31, 2016.  In order to take advantage of your discount please use code NEWKCT at the checkout. Limit two uses per customer.

We mentioned it briefly in the email announcement but we wanted to talk a little more at length about the order history migration here.  When the website launches it is going to take a little time to compile years of order history data and upload it into a database.  We are pleased to report that your order history will be available shortly (maybe a week or two at the most) through a link on your account page.

Our Assistant Manager and IT developer (Derek Tran) for the new website has this to say about the transition: “We are extremely excited to get the new site in the hands of our customers. We hope everyone will take advantage of the ability to look up and buy tools on a mobile device or tablet. Every aspect of the user experience has improved, start to finish.”

We are eager to hear feedback on any and all issues.  We are sure you will love it, but if you have any ideas on what we can do better for you please let us know with either comments below, on facebook or twitter, or direct email to



7 thoughts on “New KC Tool Website Launch!

  1. I only spent a couple minutes browsing, so far I do not see how this is an improvement. In fact, seems a worsening. If I recall correctly, in old site, I could search within a set of search results, to further narrow results. Now, I do not find a way to search within results. This was very useful. Some categories hold many tools, example: 1/4″ Drive (1″) Phillips Insert Bits is at least 157 results! Before, I could search for something like “impact” or “stainless”, to find tools of a certain aspect & certain category. Now I cannot search for “stainless” aspect within ‘1/4″ Drive (1″)’ category. Now, I am limited to refine/narrow results by your checkboxes.

    One more thing: it is not easy enough to find all of Wera’s J Bits. If I search for “J”, then search results are number of zero. If I search for “JCIS”, then search results are only HIOS Drive bits. That does not allow me to find 1/4″ hexagon drive bits, such as Wera 135041. If I search for “Asian”, then results are only 1/4″ hexagon drive, none of those HIOS or halfmoon.

    I request, make a new Tip Style of “J Bit”. If those other brands which you carry, decide to make drive tools with JIS tip, then it will be easier to find them. It’s not that they are “Asian” drive; it’s that they are NOT PHILLIPS. Cruciform, yes; Phillips, no.

    (In fact, no drive tools with a size smaller than #0 are Phillips. None smaller than #0, full stop. Anything claiming to be “Phillips #00” (or smaller) is abusing Phillips name. But this is getting too off-topic.)

    • Thanks for your detailed feedback on the site. We hope you continue browsing around and would like to hear about anything else you find. We do agree with you on the searching within categories. We are looking into the feasibility of adding that feature in. We hope that the filters on the left side of the site mitigate this problem for you.

  2. Another problem: now filter attributes are non-ordered un-sorted. A mess! Just look for yourself: screwdrivers > Individual Tools > Tip Style Slotted > attempt to choose Tip Size. Sizes are presently ordered as follows: 4.0 5.5 3.5 3.0 6.5 8.0 2.5 10 2.0 4.5 6.0 1.5 5.0 1.8 12 7.0 1.2 0.8 9.0 1.0 14 13. What the heck? Harder to choose. I want my German screwdrivers in sorted order!

    >A more user- and mobile-friendly interface
    Mobile maybe, I have no idea. But this is not my taste of “user-friendly”.

    >Easier to view images and cleaner, more polished appearance
    Not very much. I prefer last week’s appearance.

    >Fully transparent lead times
    >Intuitive order and re-order options
    Fair enough, that is improved, but did it really require a site redesign? I want to think, these features could have been integrated into old site.

    >Unparalleled ability to filter by product attributes
    It was better before!

    >Showcases the premium brands we carry more effectively
    At expense of handy category navigation. I prefer how it was before.

    • Actually, they are in sorted order: sorted by number of results. I should have written: I prefer sorted by size. At least it is not random, so I should not fault you.

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