Gedore Craftsman Scissions 1104 9118360

New Gedore Industrial Cutlery Tools: Scissors, Knives & Scrapers

Gedore Craftsman Scissions 1104 9118360

KC Tool is proud to announce the addition of the Gedore Industrial Cutlery line to their wide selection of quality German tools.  They are the first authorized Gedore dealer in the United States to offer Gedore Knives & Scissors and Gedore Scrapers.

True to Gedore’s industrial nature, they offer more than just a couple styles of scissors.  In fact, there are currently 25 models of Gedore Scissors to choose from 7 different sub-categories including Craftsman Scissors, Leather Scissors, Professional Industrial Scissors (two equal eyes), Professional Industrial Scissors (one large, one small eye), Paper Scissors, Small Universal Scissors, and Special Scissors including Teflon-coated models for use with Kevlar®, aramid, and glass fiber.

According to Gedore, “Cutlery is traditionally not made from tempering steel, but from plain carbon steel.  Carbon steel is not stainless, but keeps its sharpness longer than stainless steel.”  All Gedore scissors are hot, drop forged and precisely machined and hardened/tempered.  The cutting-edges are all manually ground to ensure a sharp edge. These are not your average “Back-To-School list” scissors.

Gedore Pocket Knife 0047 9100740

Also in Gedore’s Industrial Cutlery lineup are their selection of quality German-made knives.  There are over 20 models consisting of a variety of folding pocket knives, cable knives, and safety/logistics knives (aka box-cutter) with replaceable blades.

Most of the knives are have a C75 carbon steel blade, although there are a few with C70 carbon steel and an X46Cr13 stainless steel blade cable knife.  These are extremely sharp and have an old-school, conservative appearance.

Gedore Scraper Professional

Last but not least in the Industrial Cutlery lineup are the Gedore Scrapers.  There are two versions of the Gedore Scrapers: Stamped Blade and Professional Version.  Both versions are available in 6 different widths ranging from 30mm – 120mm.  The Professional version as pictured above features a fully forged, fine-polished, flexible C50 carbon steel blade and weatherproof hardwood handle.  If you’re seeking the ultimate scraper, you have found it.

Please contact KC Tool if you have any questions regarding Gedore’s new Industrial Cutlery lineup.  The wide range of Gedore’s scissors, knives, and scrapers will meet the needs of various professional industries as well as the discerning individual.

Gedore Werkzeuge fürs Leben Tools for Life

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