Wiha 40010 Magnetizer / Demagnetizer

Wiha 40010 Magnetizer / Demagnetizer

Wiha 40010 Magnetizer / DemagnetizerAs part of our Highest Rated Tools series, we present the Wiha 40010 Magnetizer / Demagnetizer.

KC Tool Rating: 5 of 5 (based on 34 reviews)

Amazon Rating: 4.0 of 5 Stars (based on 24 ratings)

This inexpensive magnetizer / demagnetizer is a great addition to any toolbox.  Used by technicians, mechanics, and handymen this 2″ x 2″ x 1.25″ tool is a light-weight convenient way of magnetizing or demagnetizing a screwdriver bit, blade, or tweezer able to pass through the magnetic fields.

The shatterproof box made from high quality plastic, shock-resistant, green, and is cadmium free.  It uses 2 C8 industrial permanent magnets and is Made in Germany.

Here is what our customers have to say about this tool:

Lenny B: “That there was such a tool that could magnetize and demagnetize in one assembly! All I can say is WoW, OK!”

Brady Y: “Lightly magnetize with ease.”

Alexandr S: “I always wondered, why i have to make my own magnetizer for my screwdrivers, using a loudspeaker’s magnet :), and why there is no such simple, but incredible usable thing in our stores. Now this problem has been solved thanks to you, guys. I like this little green “brick” – it looks and feels in arms very solid and qualitatively, not like a cheap-chinese fake. Works like a charm – i didn’t know, that there is a such simple method to de-magnetize instrument, i always used for this an electromagnet with AC power sourse. The highly usable, “must-have” thing in my instrument set for every worker. Thank you very much!”

John V: “First one ever owned, dont know how i managed all these years without one.also bought one for my grandson 4yrs old he thinks its magic.”

P. Beavin: “Great product! Works very fast and the charge seems to stick. Highly recommended. Magnetizing the screwdriver certainly helps in handling the small screws used in repairing models.”

Nomnom: “I put off buying one of these for FAR too long. Now that I have, it is a staple on ANY repair job I do. And I mean any, big or small.  Regardless of what tools a particular job needs, I always grab this as well. I can’t tell you how indispensable it is to be able to magnetize any tool I want in order to attract other metal parts, whether they be washers, screws, bolts, nuts, nails, fasteners, etc.  A+ would buy again”


2 C8 Industrial Permanent Magnets

To magnetize and demagnetize steel screwdriver blades, tweezers and similar tools.
Shatterproof Box made from high quality plastic, shock-resistant, green, cadmium free.

Country of Origin: Germany

KC Tool Price (current): $3.98 each

Amazon Price (current): $8.17 each



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