Wiha 32015 Insulated Terminal Screwdriver

insulated terminal terminating screwdriver wiha 32015 slotted

KC Tool is excited to begin sharing the Highest Rated Tools as reviewed by our customers.  These tools meet and exceed industry standards and are an example of the quality of the German brands we carry.

Based on customer reviews, the first tool we present to you is the Wiha 32015 Insulated Terminal/Slotted 3.5mm x 100mm (features listed below).

This driver is commonly used by electricians who need its insulating properties to safely work on live electrical cabinets.  The Wiha 32015 is rated for AC 1000V and DC 1500V thus meeting IEC 60900:204 standards.

Here is what our customers have to say about this terminating (slotted) screwdriver:

D. Yeh: “If you for any reason would work on a circuit that has a possibility to get in contact with high voltage (or any voltage for that matter) this is the tool you need. Wiha is reputable tool maker and this insulated is the tool to get! Rated up to 1000V. The tool itself is well constructed. The quality of the steel is hard enough against the day-to-day beating. I have purchased a set of the screwdrivers and had to buy this individual one after I lost it in the field. I highly recommend to purchase it when there is a chance either for live circuits or just to prevent accidentally shorting another circuit”

J. Fillmore: “I’m not a fan of all Wiha’s tools, but their insulated screwdrivers are the best. I use this screwdriver for hot terminals when disconnecting wires. This screwdriver is a lot like the one Motion Control Engineering gives out with their controller packages. They seem to last about two years for me, I am very rough on my tools and tend to use this screwdriver for a lot of things that I’m not suppose to. But for Elevator guys, these things are great for terminals.”

Abe: “This is a great little control screwdriver, I never leave home without it! Inside a control panel it’s priceless. Handy tool!”

Rudy F: “Im an Insidewireman ( Electrician )I had one of these screw drivers for years the best terminating screwdriver you can buy i used it so much i finally wore it out I bought one here and some guys at work wanted one too ended up buying 14 if you need a great terminating screwdriver for controll cabinet work this is the one you need and its also a great trim out screwdriver for outlet and switch covers”

Paul M: “Excellent product and very good delivery time.  I was searching for a replacement insulated terminating screwdriver and found my favorite brand for terminating screwdrivers at KC TOOL.”


Insulated Cushion Grip Slotted Screwdriver 3.5 x 100mm (9/64″)

Tip Width: 3.5mm
Blade Length: 100mm (3.9″)

SoftFinish handle solid molded core with soft outer cushion grip. 40% more torque than conventional handles
Insulation molded directly onto the blade for permanent bonding
Blade CVM tool steel, hardened to 58-60 HRC

Each tool individually tested to 10,000 volts and rated to 1,000 V ac or 1,500 V dc
Insulation according to EN/IEC 60900, ASTM F-1505-01, New VDE 0682/part 201, DIN 7437, NFPA70E and CSA

Country of Origin: Germany

KC Tool Price (current): $5.24 each

Amazon Price (current): $7.83 each

The 32015 is available in sets as well as additional sizes and tip styles.



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