What does SBA mean on Knipex part number? How to decipher Knipex part numbers.

If you’re shopping for Knipex Pliers you have probably seen some part numbers with the suffix of SBA.  We get questions about this from time to time and it simply means the tool will come in retail packaging like this image below.

Knipex SBA

It also means you will pay $1 extra for the tool.  Knipex offers some tools with or without the SBA packaging but many tools are only available one way or the other.

While we’re on the subject of part numbers lets take a look at how to decipher the Knipex part numbers.

knipex part numbers

  • The first two numbers are the Model. For example: 87 is for Cobra Pliers.
  • The third number is the style. For example: In long nose pliers, 1 is Flat Jaw, 2 is half round jaw, and 3 is round jaw.
  • The fourth number is the Head and Handle Finish.  See the Graphic Below.
  • The fifth, sixth and seventh numbers are the length. For example 180 is 180mm overall length.

knipex handle styles

Using this information you can tell Knipex part number 87 01 250 is a Cobra Plier(87) with the standard jaw(0), polished head with plastic coated handle (1), and is 250mm in overall length.

One thought on “What does SBA mean on Knipex part number? How to decipher Knipex part numbers.

  1. Knipex 71 32 200 i find for sale $62.00 US and and then same number with just Bka added in description for $120.00 US i’m guessing its the saftey drop clip but that’s just a guess

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