On Sale! Wiha 9 piece Insulated Pliers and Cutters Set 32999

Are you looking for a complete set of Insulated Pliers and Cutters?  Now you can get this great set from Wiha Tools at the lowest price ever offered. Wiha part number 32999. Retail price is $352.96 but you can get it for a limited time at KC Tool for just $215.20! Buy here.

• Insulated 9″ Lineman’s With Crimper (225mm)
• Insulated 8″ Lineman’s Combo Pliers (200mm)
• Insulated 6.3″ Long Nose Pliers (160mm)
• Insulated 8.0″ Long Nose Pliers (200mm)
• Insulated 6.3″ Diagonal Cutter (160mm)
• Insulated 8.0″ Diagonal Cutter (200mm)
• Insulated 6.3″ Stripping Pliers (160mm)
• Insulated 7″ Crimp Pliers (180mm)
• Insulated 8.0″ Cable Cutter (200mm)
 In Rugged Molded Storage Tray
All Tools 10,000 Volt Tested for 1,000 Volt Rating

Insulted Pliers, Insulated cutters

New Professional Insulated Pliers & Cutters
With Industrial Brushed Finish

Insulated Tools 10,000 Volt Tested 1000 Volt Rated

• Made By Wiha from High Quality Forged CV Tool Steels
• Induction Hardened Cutting Edges and Jaws
• Heavy Duty Dynamic High Performance Joints
• Soft Ergo Cushion Grip Molded Handles for Maximum Comfort
• New Standard Industrial Brushed Finish Now Available
• Individually Tested Meets VDE, EN/IEC ASTM, NFPA, CSA, OSHA
• Guaranteed Wiha Made Quality, 100% Tested Insulated Tools

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