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A Brief Guide to Torx and Its (Many) Variations

­­We have discussed previously on this blog about the highly specific “Pentalobe” screw head and the tools used in conjunction. The Pentalobe shape is a relatively new invention compared to one its cousins, the Hexalobular screw, which many people call a star or Torx. Torx is actually a trademark of Camcar Textron, so the use of its name is another example of genericized trademark, like we use the term Allen Wrench for Hex Keys.Read More »

Updated: Say Goodbye to Wiha Dynamic Grip Screwdrivers…Well…Not Quite Yet.

We wrote the blog below almost a year ago. We wanted to give you a brief update.

These are some of our favorite handles. We get calls for them weekly. We have a spot of good news. They are coming back…sort of…they are still discontinued and we can’t get individual screwdrivers but we are going to be able to get a few dozen sets. The Wiha 51099 11 Piece Dynamic Grip Slotted/Phillips Screwdriver Set is going to be in stock today. We won’t have them for long nor will we ever be able to replenish. Get yours before we run out.

Wiha dynamic grip

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Say Goodbye to Wiha Dynamic Grip Screwdrivers

Wiha dynamic grip

I’m truly bummed to hear that Wiha USA is no longer selling the Dynamic grip (aka Dynamic Handle) screwdrivers. As of this writing, they have only a few sets left and no individual drivers up for sale.  At KC Tool, we also have some sets and a some individual drivers left in stock but when they are gone that will be the end of them in the U.S.  This was the only full size screwdriver we offered that had a rotating cap and extremely tapered handle and there are certain tasks where these features really come in handy. It’s unlikely I will ever be able to wear mine out but you know how tools tend to grow legs.  I’ll have to really keep an eye on them.

I tried to plead with Wiha USA to keep them for sale in the States and even sited the multiple great reviews our customers have left on our website like this one from David P.

“This line of screwdrivers have a great handle that doesn’t collect dirt as bad as the rubberized kind, with a spinning top that fits your palm. It is my driver of choice for non-energized electrical work.”

I’m with David, these are killer for finish electrical.  They make quick work of installing or removing the long, fine pitch screws you find on switches, outlets and wall plates.

We will keep trying to convince Wiha USA to bring back the Dynamic grip screwdriver but you may want to grab a spare if we still have your favorite size in stock.

Sale on Best Selling Wiha SoftFinish Screwdriver Sets!

Wiha recently announced a widespread sale for one their extremely popular SoftFinish screwdrivers. SoftFinish is Wiha’s most popular line of screwdrivers and they are packed with features like:

  • Dual Material Handle with comfort grip.  The handles are not actually soft but more of a soft feel.  It’s soft enough to provide great grip but still extremely durable.  These handles feel great and perform like they are intended.
  • Precision Machined Tips. The tips on Wiha’s screwdrivers are machined for a perfect fit.  If you don’t like the fitment we’ll take them back.
  • Wiha Exclusive CVM Steel. Durability is the name of the game here.  These are industrial quality screwdrivers you can us all day, everyday, and not have to worry about wearing down the tips.

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Just in! More Wiha Tools in Stock!

Today we received another shipment from Wiha for stock.  A large portion of this shipment was SoftFinish Drivers.  We now have 295 Wiha Softfinish part numbers in stock and ready to ship.  This includes just about all Individual Drivers and Sets of Screwdrivers, Torx Drivers, Security Torx Drivers, Hex Drivers, Nut Drivers and More.  Wiha’s SoftFinish Screwdriver line offers:

  • Precision Machined Tips
  • Super Hardened and Hard Chrome Finished CVM Steel
  • Cushioned, Dual Material, Comfort Grip
  • Lifetime Warranty

HD Video of Wiha’s Screw Holding Phillips and Slotted Screwdrivers

What? A screw holding slotted screwdriver? Yep, take a look at these secure screw holding screwdrivers from Wiha Tools.  They use a clamping sleeve to keep the screw securely attached to the driver until you have it secured.  What a great idea and its also a very high quality German made screwdriver.  Get them for less at

Spring clamp screw holding screwdriver

Spring Loaded Sleeve
Clamps Screw Head Tightly
• Secure Screw Holding, Spring Loaded Clamping Sleeve
• Exact Fit Precision Machined Tips
• Through Hardened High Performance Tool Steel Blades
• Long Reach Blades with Black Oxide Finish
• Molded Soft Grip Handles & Shielded Shafts
• Guaranteed Quality Made In Germany