Winter Sale Final Days

Hurry before sales end on March 31st!

All of our manufacturers handle their promotional items/seasons differently, but they all remain pretty tight lipped about when the sales are ending and new ones (fingers crossed) will begin. Rest assured not all the same items from Wera and Wiha will remain on sale beginning April 1st. Take advantage of great deals from Wera and Wiha now!

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New! Wiha Digital Torque Screwdriver (iTorque). Digital Readout with easy conversion from Nm to Inch Pounds

Wiha Tools has just released a Digital Torque Screwdriver known as iTorque.  This is Wiha’s first Torque Screwdriver with digital readout and it’s also their first adjustable torque screwdriver that does not require a tool for adjustment.

Wiha Digital Torque Screwdriver

The Cycle counter is great for those working under strict calibration guidelines.  Since these tools need recalibration after 5000 cycles, it’s great to have a tool that keeps an accurate cycle count.

The ability to convert the readout from Newton Meter to Inch Pounds can be a real time saver for those who require both scales.

Wiha torque screwdrivers traditionally require a tool for adjustment.  Some consider this to be a flaw in the design but many others love that the setting cannot be changed accidentally.  With this new iTorque digital torque screwdriver they decided to switch it up and have an easy adjustment at the top of the driver.  I think its great they now have both styles.

Digital torque control screwdriver
When Wiha releases a new product they usually offer it at a large discount to get the word out quickly.  Take advantage of this introductory offer and save BIG!

List price for the driver and 50 piece bit set is normally $499.98 but you can get it at KC Tool for the introductory price of only $324.99

Sale! Insane deal on Wiha 5 piece 1000v VDE Insulated Screwdriver and Diagonal Cutters tool set! 55% off

At this price everyone should own this Wiha 5 piece Insulated tool set. At almost 55% off it’s only $38.66 for a limited time.  The list price for this set is $84.98.  This a great set for the DIY’er who replaces an occasional light switch or even as an extra set for professional electricians.  The quality is top notch and these Wiha tools have a lifetime warranty.

Included in this set:

  • Diagonal Cutters
  • Phillips #1 Screwdriver
  • Phillips #2 Screwdriver
  • Slotted 3.5mm Screwdriver
  • Slotted 4.5mm Screwdriver
  • Carry Case

Take advantage of this great deal and head over to the Wiha Sale Section at KC Tool to get the best deal!

Wiha Tool Sale Ends Soon!

We have a lot of Wiha tools on Sale but these deals will be gone in just a few short weeks. December 31st is the last day for these great deals on Wiha Tools.  Now is the time to restock your tool box and expense your “tools of the trade” in 2012.

Take a look at our Wiha Specials here.  We have a little of everything on sale including: Pliers, Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Hex L Keys, Mallets, Insulated Tools, Torx Bits and More.  Thanks for shopping at